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Chapter 1926: Missed the chance

“Really? Great!” The chubby girl held Feng Jiu’s hand and cheered. Seeing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned and cast her an unhappy glance.

“Let go!” He scolded the girl with a loud voice even when Feng Jiu said nothing.

The chubby girl released Feng Jiu’s hand instinctively and stood aside at a distance. There was nothing she could do about it. He looked irritable and had such an intimidating manner that made her scared.

“Let’s get going!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze told Feng Jiu, holding her hand and about to head out.

“Wait.” She smiled and looked at Patriarch Nalan. “Patriarch Nalan, can I borrow a room? I’d like to change my clothes.” Even if she didn’t mind going outside in this appearance, she had to consider Mo Ze’s feelings.

“Of course.” Patriarch Nalan smiled and called someone to take Feng Jiu to the guest room.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze wanted to stop her, but seeing the look in her eyes, he didn’t speak again.

When Feng Jiu reappeared in a simple yet dazzling red female clothing in front of everyone, Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Gray Wolf who were familiar with her face only looked on appreciatively, while Patriarch Nalan’s eyes flashed with surprise.

He didn’t expect that a person could transform so much in less than the time it took a half column incense to burn. What’s more, she was a very beautiful woman. The moment he saw Feng Jiu, he finally understood why the news collected at that time described this woman as having unparalleled elegance and beauty. Her looks and temperament were indeed beyond compare and stunning.

After seeing this with delight, the chubby girl could not help but pinch her round waist quietly. All she saw after Feng Jiu changed into a female dress was her slim waist and exquisite figure. The waist was so small that two such waists would fit her round waist.

She didn’t think she was fat before and she never envied her sisters’ willowy waists. But now, after looking at Feng Jiu’s waist and touching her fleshy waist, she suddenly felt inferior.

“Let’s go!” Feng Jiu told them. After saying goodbye to Patriarch Nalan, she left with Xuanyuan Mo Ze hand in hand.

Seeing the departing couple, both so outstanding and well-matched, he could not help sighing. Originally, he was wondering whether his eldest son would have a chance, but it seemed that the couple loved each other, so his son had no hope.

Oh, right!

How come his youngest son hadn’t been back for so long? He’s not stuck inside that array again, was he?

When this thought came, he immediately called out. “Someone! Come here quickly! Go see if the Second Young Master…” Before he finished talking, he brushed his sleeves and walked out in a hurry.” Forget it, I’d better go by myself.”

Meanwhile, at Mo Chen’s courtyard at the rear court, Mo Chen was lying on the soft couch reading a book. He knew that someone had broken into the array in the outer courtyard, but he ignored it.

His little brother and little sister ran here every two or three days. He really had no energy to deal with them. So when he set up the array, he also set up a sound barrier. He had changed the array so it wouldn’t hurt people and only trap them inside. No matter how loud they shouted, he wouldn’t hear them and be happily quiet.

Therefore, at this time, he naturally did not know that Feng Jiu had arrived in the city and came to his house. But, because of the array set up outside the courtyard, the Second Brother who came to tell him the news was trapped inside, causing him to miss the chance to meet Feng Jiu again.

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