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Chapter 1925: Good Looking People

“Let’s walk and talk.” He held her hand and said.

Feng Jiu smiled slightly: “Alright, then let me just leave a message with Patriarch Nalan.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze took her hand and walked forward. They came to Patriarch Nalan who had a confused look in his eyes: “Patriarch Nalan, my name is Feng Jiu. Has Mo Chen mentioned me before?”

Upon hearing this, Patriarch Nalan was stunned for a moment, but he came out of his shock quickly. The crisp and young voice was not the same as the old and hoarse voice from before. So this old woman was a disguise of the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu?

When he realised this, he looked at her up and down and couldn’t help but lamented. This disguise technique was so exquisite that even he was unable to see through it.

“So you are the Ghost Doctor, my apologies if I’ve been disrespectful.” He hurriedly bowed with a hand behind his back and said: “My eldest son did order that if Young Miss were to arrive that you should be treated as our guest of honor. Please sit down. My youngest son has already gone to get my eldest son, he should be here in a while.”

Before Feng Jiu could respond, Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was beside her spoke: “There’s no need, we have to go back now.”

Patriarch Nalan was stunned for a moment and he couldn’t help but look at Feng Jiu, then back at the black robed man. So this man had been waiting for Feng Jiu? He never revealed who he had been waiting for after questioning him for ages earlier.

Feng Jiu looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze beside her and her eyes gleamed. She said to Patriarch Nalan: “Then please will Patriarch Nalan inform Mo Chen that I have arrived and I will invite him over for tea one day.”

“That’s alright! I will give him the message later.” Saying that, Patriarch Nalan looked at the Yang’s second daughter at the side and asked: “May I ask why the second daughter of the Yang Family…”

“Oh, I bumped into her on the way here. I didn’t know where the Nalan Mansion was so she said she would take me here. Please can Patriarch Nalan send someone to escort her home later?” Feng Jiu glanced at the chubby girl at the side and at the excited Gray Wolf.

“I see, that’s no problem. I will have someone escort her home later.”

Patriarch Nalan nodded and said, but then he heard the Yang’s second daughter yell: “I won’t go back!”

She stomped over to Feng Jiu’s side and her fleshy hands grabbed the edges of Feng Jiu’s clothes tightly. She raised her head and looked up in anger: “I won’t go home, I want to follow you! Besides, you said that there are many good looking people at your place, I want to go and take a look.”

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze saw that Feng Jiu didn’t seem to dislike the girl, he didn’t shake her off but allowed her to come to Feng Jiu’s side so that she could deal with her herself.

After Gray Wolf heard the chubby girl’s words, his expression became weird. He looked at the chubby girl, then at Feng Jiu, and then at himself.

Oh no, was the Ghost Doctor going to give him to this chubby girl? Although he wasn’t as handsome as his Master, he was still quite good looking. If this chubby girl fell in love with him, would he be forcibly given to her by the Ghost Doctor?

When he thought of this, he stepped back and retreated outside quietly. He had better find somewhere to hide first before the chubby girl set her eyes on him and it was too late.

Patriarch Nalan was taken aback when he heard this. He shook his head and smiled. This Second Young Miss Yang really dared to say anything.

Feng Jiu looked at the chubby girl, though she was looking at her wildly, she looked nervous. She couldn’t help but smile: “Alright, you can come back with me!”

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