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Chapter 1927: Returning home

Coming out of Nalan’s house, Feng Jiu suddenly stopped and looked back at the chubby girl who followed her. “Xiao Er[1], if you follow me home, won’t your father be anxious to look for you?”

“It’s alright. I’m sure I’ll meet someone from my house on the way. I’ll just ask them to go back and tell him.” She smiled with her eyes bent into crescents, taking a look all over the street.

Feng Jiu sighed, then told Gray Wolf behind her. “Go to the Nalan family and ask them to send a message to the Yang family.”

“Yes.” Gray Wolf replied and walked back quickly.


Several voices rang out with surprise. Feng Jiu looked over and saw Du Fan, Leng Shuang, and others came quickly towards her. Seeing that it was them, she smiled with her brows bent. “It’s you!”

“Mistress, we heard that you’re here. After we couldn’t find you on the street, we immediately headed towards the Nalan residence. You’re really here.” Du Fan said, then cupped his fists to salute Xuanyuan Mo Ze. “Hell’s Lord.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze gave him a slight nod, then told Feng Jiu. “Let’s go back first!”

“Yes, Mistress. Let’s go back first!”

“Alright.” Feng Jiu replied with a smile and walked with them.

The chubby girl who followed her looked at the three people curiously. She saw one wearing a bright moon coloured robe and holding a fan in his hand. He looked good, but the young man next to him was more handsome.

The boy was dressed in a simple white robe with a jade pendant tied around his waist. He was unadorned from head to toe, but he gave off a gentle and comfortable feeling. Moreover, he was very good-looking.

She stared at the handsome and gentle young man with a smile. As if aware she was watching him, the young man looked back to take a look at her and smiled back. Suddenly, she felt her heart palpitating wildly and her cheeks burning. She lowered her head with bashfulness, but she could not help but glance stealthily from the corner of her eyes.

Leng Shuang who wore black from head to toe glanced at the chubby girl. Her eyes flashed. Isn’t this the Second Young Miss from the Yang family?

“Mistress, we bought a big house on the west side of the city with a large courtyard inside. Now everyone is settled there. During this period, we have not been idle. In addition to cultivation, we also went to infiltrate the forces.”

While talking to Feng Jiu, Du Fan pointed to the front. “We’re almost there. After walking down the street in front and make a turn, we’ll be right there. It’s not in the city’s commercial centre. The place is relatively quiet and it’s located in a relatively expensive area. There’s not a lot of people walking around the place.”

“Did you choose the place yourself, or did Mo Chen help you?” Feng Jiu asked them.

“We chose it ourselves.” Leng Hua answered gently. “We stayed at the Nalan’s residence for a few days, then we kept walking around and made inquiries. Finally, we found the house very nice and bought it.”

Feng Jiu nodded and looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze. “What about you? Do you also live here?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at her and replied unhurriedly with his low and magnetic voice. “I bought a house next to yours and had them put a connecting door.”

“Oh? With money?” She raised her brows, doubting the existence of two vacant houses in such a locality.

“I used two medicinal pills to exchange with that house.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze explained.

[1] Translates to Little Two as well but will leave it as Xiao Er

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