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Chapter 1906: Reunion

“I’m fine.” Feng Jiu answered, looking at the First and others. “Bring them something to eat!”

“Yes!” Lei Xiao and others replied while taking out water and meat and handing them out. “Eat some to replenish your strength first. How are your injuries? Do you need to change the bandage?”

“No, these are just minor injuries.” They shook their heads. After getting the water and meat, they started drinking and eating.

“Captain, is the Thirty-seventh alright?” Asked the First, referring to the man who had escaped to get help.

“He was badly hurt. Having run desperately back to tell the news, he fainted after giving the report. Don’t worry, there are two people left to take care of him.”

Feng Jiu answered and took her seat. While flipping through the ancient book on the arrays, she took a cursory look at the above formation, and then put it away. She intended to send it to Du Fan for him to study it well. She believed he would be able to improve his array cultivation.

After a short rest, the party went back again. About two hours later, they returned to the grove to join the other three. After everyone arrived, Feng Jiu had all the wounded change into ordinary clothes and told them to find a co urtyard near the Treasure Gathering Building to recover from their injuries.

The other team would leave directly for the Treasure Gathering Building. After inquiring about the good news, they should wait for orders before taking any actions. She herself would use the Aurora Transportation Device to visit Old Tan.

So, in the evening, when the sky was getting dark, Feng Jiu went into town. She came to the market to buy two catties of beef marinated in soy sauce, then went to Old Tan’s courtyard with a jar of wine.

There was no one inside the small courtyard. Feng Jiu put the wine jar on the table and looked for two wine cups. When she finished, she saw the door opened and Old Tan came in. He was stunned to find Feng Jiu sitting in the courtyard.

“Grandfather Tan, you’re back? I bought beef marinated in soy sauce and wine. Come, have a try.” Feng Jiu smiled, pouring the wine into the cups.

Old Tan returned to his senses. After putting things down, he walked towards the table and sat down. He stared at Feng Jiu. “Are you alright? How did you come out?” Who could leave that place after getting in? It’s not a simple feat.

“I told you it would be all right. ” Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed. “After spending enough time there, I left. By the way, I brought out all the people who were caught with me while incidentally destroying their territory.”

Astonished, Old Tan stared at her speechlessly.

“Come on, forget about that and taste the wine. ” She motioned, taking a sip from the wine cup.

After Old Tan gradually came around did he take the wine cup and reined in his shock. Whether it was true or not, the young man managed to sit here and say these words. It seems that there should be some truth in it. But, there’s no such news here. Perhaps, those at the Treasure Gathering Building still hadn’t known of it yet, had they?

“Since you’ve left, why do you come back here? What else do you want to do?” He’s not trying to take action against the Treasure Gathering Building, was he? Old Tan was startled once this idea came up.

“Hehe, I thought I’d come back to see you, so you wouldn’t have to worry about me. Besides, I have something to do so I’m back here again. When it’s done, I have to leave. I may never have the chance to meet you again.”

Feng Jiu said with a smile while pouring the wine. “Get a taste of the beef, don’t just drink the wine.”

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