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Chapter 1907: Her news

Old Tan took another sip of wine while looking at the young man in front of him. Even he could not see his cultivation strength. How much strength did he actually possess?

Being able to leave that place alive and well meant that he’s not an ordinary man. Old Tan didn’t expect to have made an error in judgment. When he first saw Feng Jiu, he offered help because this young man looked simple and honest.

When Old Tan thought about it now, even if he hadn’t brought him in at that time, perhaps this young man would have been able to enter on his own.

The two were drinking wine and eating meat in the courtyard, but they didn’t talk much. When it got dark, she said to Old Tan, “I’m going to leave and take a stroll.” She needed to go out and inquire about the news, waiting for the next move.

Old Tan looked at her and simply nodded. “Be careful!” He turned around and went into the house.

With a smile, Feng Jiu stepped out of the courtyard, closed the gate, and walked into the night market

Meanwhile, in the Shadow Night Palace’s other location, a masked man was looking at a portrait in his hand. He squinted his eyes and muttered as he looked at the beautiful woman in the portrait.

“Is this your true face, Feng Jiu? How magnificent and unparalleled in the whole world. Heh! I never thought that one day I would be defeated by a woman!”

He looked at the cunning and bright-eyed woman in the portrait who seemed to be laughing at him. With lips curved in a smile, he ran his fingers across the face in the portrait, across the confident glow in the beauty’s brows, and landed on the slightly raised lips revealing a devilish smile.

“Unusual, indeed. You truly stand out from the crowd. Tell me, how can I repay you well?” He murmured softly, his deep eyes seemed to be brooding, trying to find a way to deal with her.

On the other side, Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood in a courtyard with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked at the sky with a slight frown. He hadn’t heard from Feng Jiu for such a long time. Where had she been?

After calculating the time, he had been here for a few days. When he sent his subordinates to inquire about her news, he still got nothing. Even Murong Yixuan, who brought her over in the first place, did not know where she had gone.

Just then, Gray Wolf ran in from the outside with an excited face. “Master, Master! There is news from Ghost Doctor! ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze immediately looked back. A glimmer flashed in his enigmatic eyes. “Has she appeared? Where?” There was eagerness and joy in his tone that he didn’t even notice.

“Ghost Doctor must have infiltrated into the Shadow Night Palace. According to the latest news, the headquarters of the Shadow Night Palace had been destroyed by internal conflict. Explosions created large craters at the site. There were countless deaths and injuries. The place was destroyed and in a mess.”

Gray Wolf said excitedly. His eyes were shining with worship. “I know that Ghost Doctor is very powerful. I haven’t heard from her for such a long time. Once the news is in, it’s bound to be earth-shaking. It still hasn’t been made public until now. Our people took notice while they’re there, so they investigated it and then passed it back.”

“Tell me the details clearly. How is she? Where is she now?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said with hands clasped at his back. He was more concerned about her safety than anything else.

“Ghost Doctor is fine. She has brought out a group of shadow disciples who have been trained inside. We don’t know her current whereabouts. But the recent news is that she has wiped out the devilry cultivators’ old lair in the Ghost Forest, the Northside of the Floating Cloud City.”

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