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Chapter 1905: Rescue

Those devilry cultivators who were eager to escape felt as if a mountain had come down on the top of their head. Their breathing became ragged and their blood was surging. Then, they plopped to the ground as their legs turned weak, unable to stand up.


With a grunt, they tried to break through that force to stand up, yet the pressure of the Sacred Immortal Peak level couldn’t be untied. They were unable to move as if they had been weighed down by an invisible mountain.

As the First and others escaped from the cave below, they saw a dozen devilry cultivators slumped to the ground. A strong current was surging in the air. Those people couldn’t stand up and some even spurted blood from their mouths.

Then they saw their Captain turn the sword emitting blue light in his hand. A cold glint reflected out from the sword, cutting the men in half with a whizzing sound.


Shrill screams rang in the forest as if piercing the sky. The sound was extremely sharp and harsh. With the death of more than a dozen people, the smell of blood in the air became extremely strong, making people feel nauseous.

The First and others watching this scene were frightened and their hearts palpitated. Seeing the young man standing there without the slightest change in his facial expression, their hearts set off a wave of shocks.

Although they knew their Captain was excellent, only at this moment did they know that the Captain had actually reached the Peak strength of the Sacred Immortal. Besides, he also possessed the ancient sword Blue Edge so that he could easily cut down more than a dozen Celestial Strong Exponents. Such an overwhelming strength and efficient method really brought them a great shock.

“Take out all their belongings and look through them to see if there are books on arrays.” Feng Jiu told the ill at ease crowd.


They came to their senses and took the cosmos sacks and interspatial rings off those devilry cultivators’ bodies. After browsing through those belongings, they finally found a shabby-looking ancient book on arrays in one devilry cultivator’s space ring.

“Captain, there really is.” One of the men in black handed over the ancient book.

Feng Jiu glanced at it. “Divide the other things among you. Treat your wounds and then follow me out.”

“Yes! Thank you, Captain!” Everyone replied and thanked her happily. After all, the dozen devilry cultivators had many belongings.

After their wounds were bandaged, Feng Jiu gave them water and let them drink a few sips. Then, she took them out of the Ghost Forest.

Following Feng Jiu, everyone watched with novelty as their Captain walked effortlessly inside the area that was heavily laid with arrays. It was as if it was his own back garden, he easily avoided the arrays and took them out of the forest. It was inevitable that their hearts were full of curiosity.

Where on earth did the Captain come from? Did he infiltrate the Shadow Night Palace on his own? With such strength and ability, it’s obvious that his family background wasn’t low.

Lei Xiao and Bi San, who hurried here, came to the outer part of the Ghost Forest and kept looking around. Just as they were trying to decide whether to go inside, they saw the familiar figures coming out in front of them.

“Look! They are out!” Someone shouted in surprise.

Hearing that, everyone rushed forward and supported those who got injured while asking their Captain at the same time. “Captain, are you alright? Did you get any injuries?”

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