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Chapter 1899: What are you doing?

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“Ahhh! Don’t!”

That female cultivator exclaimed, her face turned pale with fear. Female cultivators feared this kind of encounter most. For this reason, they tried to avoid spending the night outdoors while out on the road. However, when they reached the Floating Cloud City tonight, the city gate was already closed, so they thought about staying overnight in the grove. Unexpectedly, they would meet a pair of drunks who came out of nowhere and whose bodies reeked of wine.

Moreover, the fact that these two men were Celestial cultivators made them most desperate. As Golden Core cultivators, they were left with no resistance at all. Could it be that tonight, they were really going to be tarnished by these two men?

With their hearts filled with unwillingness, the two bit the hands of the opponents who restrained them.

“Aah! Stinky woman!”

A Celestial cultivator screamed in pain. While shaking her off, he gave her a slap. “Slap! How dare you bite me! I’ll kill you!” Then he continued beating her up.

Feng Jiu and the others stood not far away, watching the whole scene and hearing them clearly. She stared at the two men frostily. Lei Xiao and Bi San were standing by her side. Watching this situation as well as Feng Jiu’s cold face, they immediately shouted at the shocked crowd behind them. “Hurry up, bring both of them over here!”

“Oh! Yes!” The dozen people at the back suddenly returned to their senses. While stepping forward quickly, they glanced furtively at Feng Jiu. The two men were quickly brought to the front with their hands buckled behind the back and were pressed to kneel on the ground.

“Argh! Who? Who dared to attack me!”

The two shouted curses. As they raised their heads sharply to take a look, they recognized their brothers. After a brief shock, they smiled. “So it’s you? Why are you here too? Release us quickly. There are two female cultivators here, just in time to comfort us brothers!”

Several people who were holding the two men turned gloomy. They originally didn’t use much strength, but when they heard this, they increased their strengths. “Shut up! Don’t talk nonsense! ”

They didn’t even dare to look up at their captain at that moment. They didn’t have to look at him to know how unsightly he looked.

The two female cultivators plopped down on the ground. Seeing the two men restrained by the men in masks, they still had panic and fear in their eyes. When they looked at the young man in azure standing there with a frosty look, their hearts calmed down for an unknown reason.

The two men looked back, perhaps because they sensed the atmosphere was wrong, and saw the figure in cyan standing not far away. They laughed, “It’s the Captain! You’re here, too. Do you take a fancy on these two beauties, too?”

“Take them back into custody.” Feng Jiu didn’t come over but turned around to leave after leaving these words.

They detained the two men and took the two women along to the bonfire. The two women were stunned when they saw the masked men sitting around the fire.

Why were there so many people in black here? Did these people come from some organization? The two female cultivators tried to distinguish these men’s origins from their clothing, but since everyone’s sleeves were torn, they could not see where these people came from.

“Captain, what’s going on?”

When they saw that the two men had been brought back by others, followed by two female cultivators with torn clothes, they were confused. Then, they saw Feng Jiu take out two water sacks from the space, unscrew the lid and pour all the water on the heads of the two detained cultivators.

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