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Chapter 1900: For what reason?

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“Aah! What are you doing?”

The two of them roared angrily. With a fierce stare at the cold-faced Feng Jiu, they asked. “Who do you think you are? For what reason did you treat us this way?”

Feng Jiu looked at them coldly. Instead of answering them, she looked at the people around her. “In the beginning, I gave you a chance to leave, yet you all chose to stay. I also told you my rules. If anyone breaks them, I will not spare you lightly.”

Her voice came out slowly, but when it entered everyone’s ears, they sensed a whiff of cold breath brushing their hearts. The killing intent that could not be ignored spread out and made them tremble in fear.

“Captain, we have never forgotten your words. From the moment we stayed and followed you, we are your people!

The voices of the people came out clearly and solemnly. At this moment, the two men who were kneeling on the ground looked stunned, as if they were thinking of something. They bowed their heads briefly and looked up again with malicious intent.

“We said we would follow you. So what? It’s just two women. Is it that serious? You are the weakest among so many of us. You are only at the peak level of Nascent Soul. For what reason do you take charge of us Celestial Strong Exponents? ”

When the crowd heard this, they frowned slightly under their masks. Did these two want to die?

“Let them go.” Feng Jiu told the cultivators who were restraining the two men. As soon as she finished speaking, they released their hands and stepped aside.

They stood up after being released. The figure in azure flashed with a fist waved towards them. They looked at each other and gritted their teeth. They also wanted to teach him a lesson, so as not to think that they would have to listen to him!

However, even if they joined hands, their speed and strength were too weak compared to Feng Jiu. When she waved her fist, she hit one of the cultivators.




A blow came heavily at them and then a crack of the sternum breaking was heard. The Celestial cultivator let out a painful cry, bent down and spit out blood in his mouth.

“Whoosh! Bang!”



The sound of a fierce air current whizzed by. Feng Jiu raised her foot and broke another man’s leg bone with one kick. The man gasped and his body bent down to a kneel.

The people around watched with their eyes jolted. They knew that the captain’s skill was very good. This time, they saw him making a move again. The speed, strength of attack and moves made them wonder. Was he really just a Nascent Soul cultivator?

They left early that day and did not witness his later confrontation with those of the Shadow Night Palace. They did not know his strength until now, but it was certain that his strength was definitely above the Peak level of Nascent Soul.



The two figures were kicked out and flew high. After hitting the branches above, they fell heavily to the ground, groaning incessantly. They couldn’t get up for quite a long time.

The two women stared in awe. They had never thought that the young man in cyan could beat the two Celestial Strong Exponents black and blue. The two men were powerless to fight back. They could see that every punch and every move of the young man in azure was full of strength. It’s very likely that almost all of the men’s bones were broken.

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