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Chapter 1898: Muddled after drinking

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As the man said, he leaned towards Feng Jiu and sniffed. But, before he got closer, Feng Jiu’s shout made him step back.

“Stand properly!”

Feng Jiu glanced at him. “What does that look like? There will be as much wine as you want in the city, how can you be left behind?”

“Hehe, that’s true.” He smiled sheepishly and rubbed his head. After being locked up for so many months, now that he’s finally free, his mood was remarkably good.

They talked and laughed along the way. After entering the city, they filed behind Feng Jiu at a distance. Almost all the suitable ready-to-wear clothes in the city’s shops were bought out by them. At a restaurant, they ordered two roast pigs as well as some beef marinated in soy sauce. Then, at a wine shop, they purchased over a dozen large jars of wine, put them inside their cosmos sacks and went around the city. Only then did they return to the restaurant to pick up the roast pigs and went back

As the sky was getting dark, they lit a few bonfires in the grove and sat around talking. When Feng Jiu and others were back, they quickly came up to greet her.

“Captain, you’re all back!”

“Yes, we’ve brought everything. Get those things out and eat together.” Feng Jiu spoke, asking those coming with her to take out the things from their cosmos sacks.

The crowd laughed as soon as they caught sight of the meat and wine. One of them said, “Now I know that we’ll have some wine after the wait. As a matter of fact, the bamboo tube that I just cut comes in handy.”

While he said this, the crowd laughed and took out the newly cut bamboo tubes. Some put the roast pig on the rack, some helped them to grab wine, and some divided the beef marinated in soy sauce.

“Captain, when everyone is here, what are we going to do next?” One asked.

“Wait until everyone is here. I’m not sure about other things, but first, what about putting that Treasure Gathering Building to an end?” Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed. She looked at the crowd. “That’s where the Shadow Night Palace rakes in their money. There must be a lot of treasures inside.”

What’s more, in the beginning, she was arrested and sent to the training camp by the people there. Anyway, she had to go back to greet them, otherwise, it would not be good enough.

“Alright! We listen to you, Captain!” All of them answered loudly.

As the night was getting darker, Feng Jiu found a tree to rest on, while others were chatting or walking around. Everyone was paying attention to the movements in the surrounding area.

It was a quiet night. As the night grew deeper, around the hours between 11 pm and 1 am, they heard the sound of women crying and calling for help.


The sound was not far away. It seemed to be coming from the woods nearby. Feng Jiu jumped down and followed the sound with a dozen people.

“Who are you calling? There are only our people here! Nobody can help you even if you call for help.”

“Right. From your appearance, you are also travelling outside. You should know that female cultivators have to live on the support of powerful male cultivators or they may encounter mishaps at any time. However, it is different with us, because we are Celestial cultivators and much more powerful than you.”

The two people speaking were the two Celestial cultivators under Feng Jiu’s command. Because they drank wine, their eyes blurred with lust. They embraced the two female loose cultivators and came forward to kiss the women’s red lips.

One of them tore off the clothes of one of the female cultivators, revealing a large expanse of snow-white skin. Their eyes were fixed unabashedly at the sight.

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