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Chapter 1868: Playing Chess

Feng Jiu listened quietly. She didn’t expect that the Shadow Night Palace’s people had been staring at them. Two forces? Could they be Xuanyuan Mo Ze and the Feng Guards?

As she was deep in thought, the black robed man’s voice rang out again.

“The Ghost Doctor named Feng Jiu is really capable of avoiding our informers here. Since she wants to play, then accompany her to play well.” He slowly turned the blood jade ring on his thumb as his gaze darkened. Nobody knew what’s brewing in his mind.

Several people behind him looked at each other. One of them stepped forward. “Master, I have a portrait of Ghost Doctor. Do you want to see it?” Since they had a transaction with that man to deal with the Phoenix Empire, his master only arranged the matters without even seeing those people’s portraits. Even if he met Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu, he wouldn’t recognize the person.

“She’s just a woman. What’s there to see?” He answered with indifference. He waved to the man behind him, “Go out and make the arrangement.”

“Yes.” After all the three men withdrew, only the old man and Feng Jiu left standing there.

After seeing the other subordinates withdraw, the old man came forward and set up a chessboard on the table. He sat in front of the black robed man and played chess pieces. From time to time, the two men exchanged a few words. In addition, the old man called the black robed man Young Master rather than Master, which showed that they had an exceptional master and servant relationship.

After the two played a game of chess, the black robed man called out. “Ninth, come and play the next game with me.”

Hearing this, the old man stood up and sat quietly aside.

Stunned, Feng Jiu then answered, “Master, Subordinate can’t play chess.”

Even if she could play, it’s impossible to play with him. Chess style was like a man. If one wants to find out about a person in the shortest time, it’s best to see a man’s personality by seeing how he advances and retreat as well as attack and defend in the game.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t expect you to win either.” He glanced at Feng Jiu. “Sit down.” His tone was unyielding and difficult to refuse.

“Yes.” Feng Jiu replied. She sat with her legs crossed, staring at the black and white chess pieces before her.


When the black robed man saw Feng Jiu staring at the chess pieces in a daze, he sneered. Without saying anything, he picked up the black chess piece directly and put it on the board.

When Feng Jiu saw this, she took a white chess piece and also put it on the board.

Seeing the two chess pieces placed close to each other, the black robed man raised his eyebrows. After taking a glance at the young man, he took a black piece and put it on the board. He saw that the young man also picked up a white piece and placed it. When he saw where the young man positioned his chess piece, he frowned slightly with his lip corners pulled back.

It was as if he wanted to say something but still did not open his mouth. He picked up another chess piece and put it on the board, then retracted his hand. When he saw that the young man placed the chess piece without thinking, he dropped another piece. Yet, the young man still followed the movement of his black chess piece.

When he saw this move, his face finally turned gloomy. “What do you mean by imitating my chess moves?”

Feng Jiu looked up bewilderedly at the black robed men whose eyes filled with faint anger. She asked foolishly, “I can’t move the pieces like this? Master didn’t say!”

“Don’t imitate me. Take your own moves.” He suppressed his anger, then picked another piece and put it on the board.

“Yes.” Feng Jiu replied. With earnestness, she took a white chess piece and placed it on the corner of the board.

The old man who saw the scene was stunned for a moment and then smiled.

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