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Chapter 1869: Shadow Disciple

The black robed man glanced at the chess piece with a twitch at the corners of his mouth and continued to play. But after a while, when he saw the white pieces got themselves trapped inside, he couldn’t help breathing out a sigh.

“You made your own pieces trapped over a vast area. Did you see it? Here.” He pointed to the dense pile of chess pieces that the young man had placed on the corner of the chessboard, blocking the way out.

“Shouldn’t I place the chess pieces this way? Then, how should I do it?” Feng Jiu asked with doubt. But, inwardly, she snorted. It’s great that you’re exasperated!

“Figure out a way to trap my black chess pieces.” He answered after taking a deep breath.

“But, what if Subordinate wins?” She asked cautiously as if she were going to win.


The black robed man sneered. “With your skill? Put this matter off until after you win the game!”

So, they played another game. Feng Jiu played chess randomly. She put one on the left, another one on the right, sometimes she placed them far apart and sometimes got her white chess piece trapped. The black robed man did not speak again and just endured until the game ended.

“Subordinate lost.” Feng Jiu said and stood up.

“You don’t lose, you lost miserably.” The black robed man said, waving her to step aside.

The old man laughed at this. “Young Master, why don’t I play the next game with you?” At first sight, the young man did not know how to play chess. He had no idea how to place the chess pieces. Once he noticed a position, he would drop the piece there. What a total neophyte.

“No more games.” He squinted his eyes while leaning back on the chair. “Go, see if they have made the arrangement. If it’s done, they should leave. There is no need to wait for tomorrow.”

“Yes.” The old man stood up and walked out.

Feng Jiu stood there quietly without making a sound until, after about an hour or so, the four people outside came in together. After they gave the report, the black robed man stood up and left.

She followed. When she got outside, she realized that, except for some of the shadow disciples who were sent to infiltrate the four great celestial sects, the others would be sent out together in groups.

Feng Jiu followed the black robed man and the old man to leave first by using the transportation array. There was a flash of light. When she felt the fluctuation of the array again, she was already standing on the ground.

When she reached, she found that it was the back of a palace. The palace was built on the hillside. She found it strange, so she glanced around surreptitiously and walked courteously behind the black robed man.

This place was vast. Even if she did not see anyone guarding, her divine sense could still feel that there were many people watching in the dark. Judging from their hidden pressure and aura, they should have been Celestial Cultivators at the peak stage. Among them, there were few subtle breaths that she might not have been able to detect if she hadn’t paid close attention to them.

The man in front entered the palace, and the old man, a few paces behind, turned around. “The Ninth.”

“Yes.” Feng Jiu looked at him.

“Since Young Master told you to follow him, from now onwards, you will guard him closely. As a shadow guard, you don’t have to show up unless it’s necessary. When you follow Young Master, unless he commands you, you shouldn’t appear either.”

“Yes.’ She answered.

“Go in!” He motioned and took Feng Jiu to go inside. As soon as she entered, Feng Jiu stood covertly while restraining her breath.

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