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Chapter 1867: Whereabouts unknown

“Subordinate is present!” Feng Jiu replied with rapt attention.

“From today on, you will stay by my side!” The black robed man said somewhat carelessly. His tone contained a trace of laughter. It seemed he was very satisfied with Feng Jiu.


Feng Jiu replied, slightly surprised. She didn’t expect to get along with the Shadow Night Palace’s Master. If she stayed at his side, it would be easier to destroy the Shadow Night Palace! And, perhaps, she could get some information that was difficult for them to obtain.

“Young Master, please go inside and have a rest first!” The old man came forward and spoke.

“Mm.” The black robed man replied, then turned around to leave followed by several others.

As she turned around, she winked at the one hundred or so people behind her and left with the black robed man’s entourage.

When they arrived at the place where Ghost Elder used to rest, two seductive women greeted them with a smile as soon as they stepped inside. Suddenly, before the women got close, the black robed man slapped them until they flew out.


The two women flew out and spurted a mouthful of blood. When they fell to the ground, they looked deathly pale with only a faint breath of life left.

“Clean up!”

The black robed man gave the order with a frown. He walked in without sparing them a glance. Naturally, Feng Jiu who came in last had to deal with the aftermath.

After taking those two women’s lives, she dragged them out and threw their bodies inside the ferocious beast’s cage.

At the same time, the black robed man leaned back and asked the people around him with his eyes squinted. “What do you think of the Ninth?”

Several of them looked at each other with surprise. They didn’t know what their master meant. However, judging from the previous situation, he should have appreciated the Ninth very much. So, one of them remarked, “Although he took the Heart-Scattering Pill, he has a flexible mental acuity and is not rigid. He can overcome those stronger than him. It’s clear that he has unlimited potential.”

“Of course. The person Master fancies must be superior to others”

Another middle-aged man also said, “The Ninth is still young, but he has such high cultivation. If he gets extra training, he will certainly be a great help to the master in the future.”

“Young Master, please have a drink!” The old man did not get involved in the conversation, but he came out from nowhere with a cup of tea in his hands and put it in front of the black robed man.

At this time, Feng Jiu came in, saluted respectfully, and said, “Master, it has been cleaned up.”

“Hmm.” The black robed man waved away at her. Then, the Ninth came up and stood quietly behind him.

Seeing this, the black robed man curved his lips slightly. After that brief glance, he no longer looked at her. Instead, he took a sip of his tea and asked, “I heard that Ghost Doctor came here and saved a True Monarch at the Opulent Celestial Sect. Now, have you found her whereabouts?”

After hearing this, several of them froze. After a deep breath, one of the middle-aged men answered cautiously. “Answering Master, there’s no news after Ghost Doctor left the Opulent Celestial Sect. Our people have searched everywhere, yet she left no trails. We still don’t know where she stayed.”

Another person said, “Master, although Subordinate has no news of that Ghost Doctor, there is another news.” He paused. “Old Man Tianji’s disciple, Nalan Mo Chen, returned to his family more than two months ago. Also, recently one or two forces are progressing in secret.”

Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered when she heard this conversation.

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