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Chapter 1864: Kill Him

Upon hearing this, the black robed man’s eyes flickered and a dim light flashed across his eyes. He strode forward to the front of the one hundred and twenty three men, his gaze swept across every one of them. When he sensed the strength of these men, he nodded discreetly.

“Well done.” He glanced at the Ghost Elder who had followed behind him: “I have to say, the talents of this batch of Shadow Disciples is excellent to attain such cultivation and strength in three months.”

“Subordinate doesn’t dare to take any credit for this, it is all because of the pills allocated from above and the excellent resources provided to train them. Otherwise, it would be impossible to achieve this result in such a short time.” The Ghost Elder said quickly.

“Have they all taken the Heart-Scattering Pill?” The black robed man asked again.

“Yes.” The Ghost Elder replied respectfully. He then said hurriedly to the one hundred and twenty three men: “From now on, your Master is this man who stands before you! You have to obey his every command with no hesitation! Swear your utmost allegiance until your death!”

“Greetings to Master. Subordinates swear their allegiance till death and will sacrifice willingly without hesitation.”

One hundred and twenty three men knelt down respectfully on one knee, their voices were loud and it reverberated throughout the square as they swore their allegiance. The Ghost Elder’s heart ached at this sight.

No matter what he had planned, heaven’s plan had come to pass in the end. He had wanted to make these one hundred and twenty three men his own men, but now, he had trained these men in vain as he had to give them away for nothing in return…

The black robed man seemed very pleased when he saw this. He glanced at the Ghost Elder, and then at the people in the front row. His low and cold voice was playful when he spoke: “Then let me test you and see if you have really passed the training.”

Although one hundred and twenty three men wore masks, so their faces remained expressionless. However, when they heard this, they couldn’t help but worry slightly. He wanted to test their strength? What did he want to do?

As for Feng Jiu who was standing in the front row. Though her face remained expressionless behind the mask like the others, she couldn’t help but felt surprised when she looked at the man in front of her wearing the mask and the few people beside him.

If she remembered correctly, the person wearing the mask was the man she had saved in the hospital. He was the man who had smelt of rotten flesh and his whole body was filled with red marks, he also wore a mask back then.

If she had known that he was the Master of the Shadow Night Palace, she would have used the opportunity to kill him back then. Unfortunately, she didn’t know his identity back then and had saved his life instead.

“You, come out.” The black robed man’s finger pointed directly at Feng Jiu as his gaze fell on her.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu stepped forward respectfully and stood upright.

“Do everything you can to kill him.” The black robed man turned his outstretched finger and pointed to the Ghost Elder beside him.

When the Ghost Elder heard this, his heart beat in panic and his eyes widened: “Master, Master…”

“Yes.” Feng Jiu responded respectfully, and in the next moment, she turned and attacked the Ghost Elder with her dagger. The cold, sharp light of the dagger swept across the air as it approached the Ghost Elder vitals.

The Ghost Elder backed away quickly and looked at the black robed man in shock and disbelief. He couldn’t understand why he was being treated this way: “Master, what has subordinate done wrong?”

“You don’t know what you’ve done wrong?” The black robed man’s mouth twitched slightly and revealed a bloodthirsty smile. His icy eyes fell on the Ghost Elder: “Do you think that if you kill everyone here that no one will know what your plan is?”

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