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Chapter 1863: Master arrives

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The two seductive women followed closely behind the Ghost Elder. They couldn’t help but raise their heads and sized up the one hundred and twenty three b Shadow Disciples.

These were the people who trained for three months and advanced to become Celestial Exponent stage Shadow Disciples?

“Greetings Ghost Elder!” Everyone bowed respectfully, their voices rang loudly through the square.


The Ghost Elder responded, his sharp gaze swept across the crowd before he spoke: “You have all undergone training to become Shadow Disciples. It usually requires one year one training, yet you have managed to achieve this level of strength in only three months. This is something that I didn’t foresee. Right now, I will assign you your first mission.”

Just as he was about to assign their missions, his eyebrows moved suddenly and his gaze swept across the crowd. His gaze fell onto the forest just outside of the square, as if he had sensed something amiss, and the expression on his face changed slightly.

Out of the corner of Feng Jiu’s eyes, she saw a flash of light coming from that place. There was also a flow of spiritual energy coming from the teleportation array. It seemed that someone had arrived through the teleportation array.

Sure enough, the Ghost Elder left for the forest after he hurriedly left some instructions and sent the two seductive women away. After he had arrived at the array, the Ghost Elder walked forward respectfully once he saw the people who walked out.

“Greetings to Master!”

His heart trembled slightly at this moment and a trace of panic flashed across his eyes. He thought to himself secretly: Why has Master come at this time? Why didn’t he send word that he was coming over? Did he somehow get wind of what was happening?

His body stiffened and his heartbeat accelerated while his palms started sweating profusely.

Although there hadn’t been over a hundred Celestial Strong Exponents within the Shadow Night Palace in the past, however, there were quite a few Celestial Strong Exponents within their sect, especially the ones who followed by their Master’s side. Any one of those men would have the power to destroy a whole town. If his Master knew about his intent to betray the sect at this moment, he was afraid…

“What’s the matter? Are you afraid of my arrival?” The man in a black robe who was wearing a mask narrowed his eyes and stared at the Ghost Elder who was kneeling before him. His sharp gaze was as if it could penetrate one’s heart.

When he heard this, the Ghost Elder’s heart sank and he said hurriedly: “Forgive me, Master. It’s just that so much has happened here and subordinate wasn’t expecting Master to come over so suddenly, that’s why, that’s why…”

“What’s happened?” The man in a black robe wearing a mask glanced at him. His gaze moved towards the square where the men were standing upright in rows.

“The Celestial Strong Exponents and Nascent Soul cultivators here were killed when they fought against the Shadow Disciples. Subordinate was afraid that Master would punish me for not reporting this matter to you.”


The black robed man raised his eyebrows and walked forward: “The ones you have been training? Hasn’t it only been three months? How could they have the ability to kill the Celestial Strong Exponents under my command?”

The black robed man walked forward with his hands behind his back leisurely, with four men who followed behind him. When the Ghost Elder saw this, he got up from the ground quickly and followed: “Master doesn’t know this yet, but the Shadow Disciples have only just come back from training last night. After they had taken the advancement pill, their strength has improved very quickly. Out of the one hundred and twenty three of them, only a few are Nascent Soul cultivators and the rest are all Celestial Strong Exponents.”

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