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Chapter 1865: The Moment of Fear Right Before Death

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The Ghost Elder’s heart trembled and his eyes narrowed: “Master, Master…” Before he had finished speaking, he retreated quickly and took out the Interspace Teleportation Device and attempted to escape.

Upon seeing this, the black robed man was just about to order his men to intercept him when a figure flashed in front of him, and at the same time, a blade shot out fiercely.


“Sss! Ah!”

Feng Jiu’s dagger could be seen as the fierce air current swept past and struck the Interspace Teleportation Device in his hand. The Ghost Elder muffled a groan from the pain in his hand as the Interspace Teleportation Device fell to the ground.

Just as he was about to retrieve the Interspace Teleportation Device, a fierce force from a palm struck him and shocked him. He stood still, afraid to move. When he looked up and saw that it was number nine, he gritted his teeth in frustration.

Damn it! He’s in trouble now!

A look of surprise crossed the eyes of the black robed man and the four men behind him. They hadn’t expected that this Nascent Soul stage Shadow Disciple would be able to force the Celestial Strong Exponent peak-stage Ghost Elder to retreat constantly.

It seemed that this batch of Shadow Disciples was indeed outstanding.

Their gazes fell onto the Ghost Elder and the Shadow Disciple. They could see that the cultivation strength that came from the Shadow Disciple was only of Nascent Soul stage. Normally, the Nascent Soul cultivation strength was not a match against a Celestial Strong Exponent peak-stage cultivator. However, this Shadow Disciple had somehow gained the upper hand with his strange technique and extremely fast speed.

The Shadow Disciple’s moves were extremely fast and swift, coupled with his unpredictable technique. His speed and technique complemented each other and each strike had aimed at a fatal point of the body. Many times, the Ghost Elder had nearly succumbed to the blows of the Shadow Disciple.

“Young Master, this Shadow Disciple’s technique is very strange. His moves are extremely fast, and each one is aimed at a fatal point. My guess is that, before this person was recruited by us, he already possessed some skills. Otherwise, he would not have been able to achieve this level of skill in three short months.”

One of the elders who stood behind the black robed man said while he watched the Ghost Elder and the highly skilled black robed Shadow Disciple exchanging blows.

“It is very rare indeed that this person possesses such great strength with only a Nascent Soul cultivation base.” The black robed man nodded and said, appearing to show some admiration.

Upon seeing the black robed Shadow Disciple had the upper hand with his strange technique and fast speed, none of them stepped in. They just stood and watched until they saw the Ghost Elder’s throat was slit by the dagger and he was finally unable to dodge anymore.


The Ghost Elder’s mouth overflowed with blood and his eyes trembled as he stared at the black robed number nine who stood before him. There was shock and horror in his eyes. His mouth moved as he tried to say something, however, he took his last breath before he was able to say anything.

Other than the Ghost Elder, no one else knew how scared he was at that last moment of his life…

Feng Jiu lowered her eyes when the Ghost Elder died and concealed the feelings behind her eyes as she walked forward holding her dagger and came to stand in front of the black robed man: “Master, mission completed, please inspect!”

A middle-aged man had stepped forward and checked the Ghost Elder pulse. Upon confirming that he was dead, the middle-aged man returned to the black robed man’s side and muttered something in a low voice before he stood back.

A playful smile appeared on the black robed man’s mouth and he looked at the black robed Shadow Disciple in interest. His voice sounded young.

“Take off your mask.”

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