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Chapter 1862: Final Task

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The Ghost Elder couldn’t help but smiled as he watched the men retreating: “Of course not! I am training them! I believe that those up above will agree with my decision once they find out.”

Those people looked at him and at the hundred or so men who stood still and didn’t move, then they looked at the few men who were attacking them, and it all became clear to them.

“I know! Because this group of Shadow Disciples are outstanding, you want them for yourself!”

As soon as those words were spoken, those few people were shocked and they knew that they might not be able to leave here alive today. They took out their magical weapons at once, however, they were too slow and number one and the others were swift and fierce in their moves with no intention of allowing them to leave here alive.

“Sss! Bang!”

The pressure from the sword passed and a Nascent Soul devilry cultivator spat out a mouthful of blood as he was thrown back. He fell to the ground and took his last breath.


Number One struck a Celestial Strong Exponent with his palm, and at the same time, the sharp sword in his other hand followed the Celestial Strong Exponent as he was thrown back from the blow.


The sword plunged into the Celestial Strong Exponent’s heart, and when the sword was pulled out, blood splashed all over the ground. The smell of blood filled the air. After a while, those people all died by their hands one by one. When the last man fell to the ground, Feng Jiu and the others put away their swords and stood in a row in front of the Ghost Elder.

“Reporting to Ghost Elder, the people have all been killed! The mission is complete!” Feng Jiu said in a cold voice respectfully.

The Ghost Elder was unable to contain his excitement at this sight: “Good! Very good! I have never led such an outstanding group of Shadow Disciples such as yourselves before! Your survival rate is high and each one of you is able to fight ten men on your own. Very good! Hahahaha!”

He raised his head and laughed as he looked at the one hundred and twenty three men in front of him, his heart bursting with excitement. With these men under his command, he would have enough power if he were to go against the Shadow Night Palace and start up his own sect!

“Go back and rest! I will assign tasks to you tomorrow!” He waved his hand, his face filled with satisfaction as he watched them leave after they responded to his command.

Once they had returned to their communal bunks, some of them were a few steps behind and stayed outside while the others gathered around Feng Jiu: “Captain, are you alright? You have to dress the wound on your arm quickly.”

Feng Jiu waved her hand and smiled: “It’s fine, it’s only a superficial wound.” While she spoke, she sprinkled some medicine on the wound on her arm and bandaged it up simply.

“Captain, I assume the Ghost Elder wants to take our team and use it as his own? He is quite bold.”

“He is not only bold, he is also ambitious. I think he wants to start up his own sect.”

“I can see why he would want to do that. The hundred or so of us are mostly Celestial Strong Exponent stage cultivators, with this kind of strength, we would be deemed as very powerful on the outside. It’s not surprising that he has this idea.”

As she listened to their discussion, Feng Jiu raised her hand and signaled: “We have to be careful in everything we do here. Let’s not discuss it now, everyone should go back and rest first and we will wait until tomorrow when he gives us our next mission before we decide on our next move.”

“Yes.” Having heard her say that, everyone responded and dispersed.

In the early hours of the following morning, everyone had lined up in rows in the square. Although only one night had passed, everyone who stood in the square today noticed that other than the hundred odd people here, there were a lot less devilry cultivators guarding the square than before.

They guessed that the Ghost Elder must have had something to do with it, and thought to themselves: What kind of mission would the Ghost Elder give them today?

Then, they saw the Ghost Elder walking towards them with two seductive women by his side with a wide smile on his face…

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