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Chapter 1861: Stop Now

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The expressions of their faces changed drastically as they retreated. One of the Celestial Strong Exponents shouted at the Ghost Elder: “What are you doing!” However, as soon as he had spoken, he met with an oncoming attack. The swift moves had murderous intent without an ounce of mercy.

By right, there were four Celestial Strong Exponents and two Nascent Soul devilry cultivators, so it stood to reason that they shouldn’t be afraid of the group of five cultivators who were attacking them. However, they were shocked when they made their move against them. Especially when the black robed youth within them had attacked one of the Celestial Strong Exponents in their group. His boldness and courage shocked them even more.

Was he not afraid of death? Oh, that’s right, they were trained to be killers who obeyed commands, they had all taken the Heart-Scattering Pill, why would they be afraid of dying?

These people listened to the commands of the Ghost Elder. Now that he had ordered the killers to kill them, unfortunately, they would not stop until they were dead…


A palm struck out and the sharp sound of a wind blade could be heard. The Ghost Elder stood with a hand behind his back and his eyes narrowed as he watched on. His gaze fell on the black robed youth, number nine. That boy was only a Nascent Soul middle-stage cultivator and he was up against a Celestial Strong Exponent early stage cultivator. There was a difference of a whole level between the two of them, but his speed was extremely fast and his skills were unpredictable. The Celestial Strong Exponent was forced to retreat in panic.


He was unable to dodge in time and his sleeve was torn by the black robed youth, his shoulder was scratched by the nails of the youth and blood seeped through his clothes.

He groaned and his eyes narrowed with killing intent. In the next moment, a longsword appeared in his palm with a quick movement of his hand. Spiritual energy aura passed from his palm into the longsword and a strong air current reverberated along the blade. The longsword struck out towards the black robed young boy.

Feng Jiu’s face was cold and expressionless when she saw the burst of energy directed at her from the longsword. She turned sideways but wasn’t able to dodge completely out of the way and blood oozed out as her arm was scratched by the energy from the sword. At the same time, she flew up and her dagger fell from her sleeve into her palm. At the moment the Celestial Strong Exponent turned his head, the dagger in her palm plunged fiercely into his throat.



Her movement was fluid and smooth and her method so quick and efficient that one couldn’t help but praise secretly: good skill!

Upon seeing this, the Ghost Elder’s eyes narrowed and nodded discreetly. Though he was satisfied, at the same time, he was also a little surprised. He hadn’t expected this young boy to surpass the killer, his potential was indeed limitless.

Unlike the Ghost Elder, though the crowd who stood behind him stared blankly, when their Captain was injured, their hearts raced slightly. Fortunately, in the next moment, that person had been killed.

When they thought about it, if their Captain had killed the Celestial Strong Exponent without even getting hurt, it would have looked suspicious. He had avoided the blow expertly, he was not seriously injured and yet it didn’t raise the suspicions of others. At the very least, the Ghost Elder would never have guessed that their Captain had gotten hurt deliberately.

The others were the same. Their attack was fatal, this was the result of their training. If they attacked their enemy, they had to be lethal in every move, and when they made a move it was with the intention to kill!

“Ghost Elder, what do you stand to gain from ordering them to kill us! Are you not afraid you will be blamed by those higher up? Tell them to stop now!” One of the Celestial Strong Exponents yelled angrily and glared at the Ghost Elder who was watching from the sidelines.

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