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Chapter 1859: Strong Team

“Because they’ve just taken pills.” Feng Jiu replied as her eyes swept across the three men.

“What do you mean?” The Celestial Strong Exponent’s eyebrows twisted in confusion. At the next moment, the youth’s lips curled up in a wicked smile and a cold voice followed from his mouth.

“I mean it exactly as I’ve said it.” As soon as Feng Jiu had spoken, a cold light flashed as her sleeve swept across immediately, and a sharp dagger moved towards the Celestial Strong Exponent at lightning speed.

That Celestial Strong Exponent was startled and he leaned back to avoid the dagger that swept past his throat. He took a few steps backwards in shock as he watched the black robed youth turn the dagger in his hand and swept past the other two Nascent Soul cultivators who hadn’t had a chance to react.


Before they had a chance to react, muffled hums could be heard as the two cultivators fell to the ground with their eyes wide open.

When he saw the black robed youth had killed the two Nascent Soul cultivators, the Celestial Strong Exponent took a step back defensively: “Number nine, what are you doing? Do you want to rebel?”

Feng Jiu’s lips curled up but she didn’t respond and only stared at him closely. In the next moment, her black figure dashed out again. Her body moved extremely quickly and each move she made was so sharp and fierce that it took the Celestial Strong Exponent by surprise. Just as he was about to fight back, his face turned pale and he made a whistling sound.

A strong powerful coercion struck out, the kind that stiffened his body from the shock. It was as if whole body was being controlled by someone else, he was unable to move or shout even though he wanted to.


The sharp blade slid across the air and the Celestial Strong Exponent groaned, his eyes opened wide in disbelief as his body stiffened and he fell to the ground.


As he fell to the ground, his eyes were fixed on Feng Jiu as if asking why this had happened.

Feng Jiu glanced at the three corpses on the ground, then proceeded to take their cosmos sacks. After which, flames condensed in her palm and she burned the three corpses with it.

One day later, after everyone had finished their advancement, they stood in front of Feng Jiu with unconcealed excitement on their faces. There were many things that they wanted to ask but didn’t, they just looked at her with immense excitement in their eyes.

After spending so much time together, they had known for a long time that their Captain was someone extraordinary. But to what extent were his abilities? They hadn’t even been able to figure out who he was. Now that he had made such a move, it had rendered them speechless.

The quality of the advancement pills the Night Shadow Palace had given them weren’t even as high as the one that their Captain had given them yesterday. The quality of the pill was good, and their Captain hadn’t even so much as blinked and given out so many pills. What was even more impressive was that out of the one hundred and twenty three of them, only a few of them were at the Nascent Soul peak stage and the others had already become Celestial Strong Exponents.

Although it was just a difference of a level, their strength was quite different. Now, when they walked out, even the Shadow Night Palace people would be wary of them. Even amongst the families on the outside, none of them had that many Celestial Strong Exponents within them.

Feng Jiu glanced across at everyone and nodded in satisfaction at their current strength and cultivation. She smiled: “Very good. Next, I will tell you what the arrangements will be after we go back.”

“Yes!” Everyone responded in a deep voice as they looked at him faithfully.

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