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Chapter 1860: Command

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“After we get out of here, the most important thing is to make sure you don’t let anyone notice that you’re different. After we have figured out what their plans are, we will end them and leave without hesitation.”

She paused and looked at them: ” Remember, I hope that every one of you can leave here alive.”

Everyone’s hearts filled with warmth and they nodded: “Yes Captain, we will definitely leave alive!”

“Let’s go! After we get back, if there is anything out of the ordinary, just wait for my command.” After she had spoken, she led them out of the forest…

Two days later, when Feng Jiu and the others stood in the square wearing their masks, the Ghost Elder couldn’t help but be stunned as he looked incredulously at the hundred odd people in front of him.

“Remove your masks!”

The Ghost Elder shouted as he stared at the hundred odd people who removed their masks from their faces mechanically. When their faces were revealed, the Ghost Elder eyes widened involuntarily and his heart trembled slightly.

How was this possible? How were these people able to become Celestial Strong Exponents in just three months with only a handful of them at the Nascent Soul stage? Could their advancement level really have been so big after taking the advancement pill?

“Ghost, Ghost Elder, they, how did they advance so quickly?” A Celestial Strong Exponent and Nascent Soul cultivator beside him stared wide-eyed in shock as if they had just seen a ghost.

How did they attain such immense strength in such a short time? If they weren’t standing right in front of them, they wouldn’t have believed it.

“Out of one hundred and twenty three, only a few are Nascent Soul cultivators, it’s incredible….! Simply unimaginable…” The Ghost Elder stared at the crowd and his eyes paused at Feng Jiu. Even this number nine youth had become a Nascent Soul cultivator in such a short time, it was remarkable.

When he thought about how those people were cultivated by him and that they only listened to his commands, his heart started to beat excitedly. There were over a hundred of them, even the Shadow Night Palace headquarters didn’t have such strength and wouldn’t have that many Celestial Strong Exponents. If they took another advancement pill, would their strength increase again and advance to the next level?

To prevent the men behind him from realising that his heart was a little flustered, he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. As he looked at the hundred odd people in front of him, he had secretly made a decision.

He wanted to take this powerful team and make them his! He wanted to take these men under his own command! Not for them to be under the command of the Night Shadow Palace!

Although they had taken the advancement pill and attained a strong cultivation base, he wondered, what were their combat skills like?

His hawk-eye gaze swept past the crowd and he shouted suddenly: “Number one, number nine, number thirteen, number forty five, number seventy eight, fall out!”

As soon as he had spoken, five people walked out to the front. Without the masks on their faces, it was clear that their expressions were cold and devoid of emotions as they looked at each other with cold eyes.

The Ghost Elder looked at the five people who walked out with satisfaction and nodded slightly. Suddenly, he pointed at the group of Celestial Strong Exponents and Nascent Soul devilry cultivators and shouted in a cold voice.

“Kill them!”

The group of Celestial Strong Exponents and Nascent Soul devilry cultivators were dumbfounded by the Ghost Elder’s command, and Feng Jiu and her team launched their attack on them immediately after he had spoken…

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