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Chapter 1858: Collective Advancement

When they saw the pill bottle, everyone was taken aback and stared at the pill bottle in her hand. They had been taking pills recently and their strengths have improved because the Shadow Night Palace people had given them advancement pills.

They were a little surprised at this moment when they saw their Captain taking out the pill bottle. The pills the Shadow Night Palace had given them were finished, so where did he get these pills from?

With a wave of Feng Jiu’s hand, the pills flew out and stopped in front of each person: “After eating them your current strength can be increased even further. However, after taking this pill, don’t take anymore advancement pills for at least another year or two.”

Everyone took the pill without hesitation after they heard that. Right after they had swallowed the pills, their spiritual energy aura surged from their bodies. After their momentary shock, everyone quickly sat down cross-legged on the ground.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu smiled slightly and walked a little distance away to protect them.

During this period of cultivation, most of them had already advanced to Nascent Soul middle-stage, there were only a handful who were at Nascent Soul early-stage. After they had taken Feng Jiu’s pill, those cultivators who were at Nascent Soul early-stage had advanced to Nascent Soul peak-stage, and those who were at Nascent Soul middle-stage had entered the Celestial Strong Exponent stage.

Amongst them, Lei Xiao and the others had entered the Celestial Strong Exponent middle-stage while the remainder of them had entered the Celestial Strong Exponent early-stage. As a result of their advancement, the skies thundered continuously with lightning tribulations and had attracted the attention of the Shadow Night Palace people who couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Something is amiss with the lightning tribulations, let’s go in and take a look!” One of the Celestial Strong Exponents said to the other two men beside him. The three of them walked into the Black Mist Poison Forest together.

No one had followed those cultivators into the forest for their experience, they had only stationed a few men outside the forest to keep an eye on anything out of the ordinary. When they heard the rumbles of thunder that shot down from the sky continuously, they knew that something was not right.

They followed the direction of the sounds of thunder, and the closer they got, the more frightened they became. After one lightning tribulation had shot down, another one followed. The lightning tribulations spread out on the ground and formed ripples of air current that could be seen by the naked eye. The powerful pressure and breath shocked them.


The Celestial Strong Exponent in the lead took a breath as he looked at the powerful pressure and breath that swayed through the entire forest. He exclaimed: “How can it be so powerful? I’m afraid that this airflow indicates not just one or two Celestial Strong Exponents…”

They picked up their speed and moved forward. The closer they got, the more shocked they were, until they saw a figure clothed in black standing by a tree. He was playing with the mask in his hand, and about one hundred metres behind him were the other black robed cultivators sitting cross-legged on the ground advancing.

Upon seeing this, they stepped forward immediately and said to the black robed youth “What is going on? Why are they still advancing?”

Feng Jiu raised her gaze and looked at the cultivator who stood wide-eyed in front of her as he stared in shock at the scene behind her and questioned her in a surprised voice. Her eyes flickered and she paused before she replied: “They are advancing.”

“Of course I know that they are advancing, but how are they advancing collectively? And at this time?” They had definitely finished the advancement pills that were given to them, so how could this happen?

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