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Chapter 1804: Sudden Death

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As they watched while the little milk tiger cub finished drinking the whole bottle of spiritual liquid medicine and licked the corners or its mouth and its fur on its whole body seemed to become softer and brighter, they couldn’t help but were overcome with envy.

Sometimes, humans were even less inferior to pets. This sort of treatment was not something any ordinary person would come across.

They rested in the forest for one night and they continued their journey down the mountains the next day. Along the way, Elder Lu had pestered Feng Jiu with many questions about her Master and Old Patriarch Lu told him a lot of things about this area.

Two days later.

That evening, the Lu Family had lit a fire and settled down to rest. Old Patriarch Lu and Feng Jiu were sitting by the fire. After he had passed the roasted meat to Feng Jiu, Old Patriarch Lu smiled and said: “We will reach the city by noon tomorrow. After such a long time here, we can finally have a good rest when we arrive in the city.”

“Yes, I have been eating roast meat the last few days and I have eaten so much that I don’t have an appetite when I see roast meat. When we arrive in the city tomorrow we shall find a good restaurant and have a good meal.” She smiled and said: “I still have to treat you all to a big meal!”

“Hehehe, in that case, we are looking forward to it!” Old Patriarch Lu didn’t decline the invitation. He talked and laughed with him until late into the night before he leaned against the big tree and rested.

However, that night, as Feng Jiu rested with the little white tiger cub in her arms, she heard the sound of coughing, followed by the sound of gasping, as well as Elder Lu’s anxious voice and Lu Jiming’s exclamation.

She opened her eyes and saw everyone had gathered around the big tree where Old Patriarch Lu was resting. Worry and anxiety was written across their faces. Hence, she put the little white tiger cub down and stepped forward.

“Master, Master, your medicine, drink your medicine quickly.” Elder Lu’s anxious voice was flustered and his hand was trembling as he fed the medicine to him.

“Father, Father, how are you feeling? Father, don’t scare me..” Lu Jiming’s voice trembled as he spoke while he patted his back to help him catch his breath.

Feng Jiu saw that the Old Patriarch Lu was sweating profusely and his face was pale as he held his chest tightly with his hands. The expression on his face was filled with pain, as if he was in so much pain that he was unable to breathe. His body tensed up and then he passed out.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu quickly shouted: “Lie him down flat quickly!”

When Elder Lu saw that it was Feng Jiu who had shouted, he listened to his orders immediately and lay his Master down flat. The white-haired old man asked in a panic: “Young Brother Feng, what should we do? What should we do? Master’s attack this time is even more severe than it was a few days ago. What shall we do?”

“Father, Father!”

Lu Jiming screamed as he looked at his motionless father who didn’t seem to be breathing. He stretched out his hand tentatively to take his pulse and he fell to the ground in fright. He muttered blankly: “Father, Father is not breathing…”


Elder Lu was taken aback. He stepped forward and took his pulse. After a moment, he panicked: “How could this be, how could this be? How…”

Feng Jiu looked at their shocked reactions and stepped forward. She knelt down next to Old Patriarch Lu and crossed her palms over his chest and started chest compressions. She ordered at the same time: “Brother Lu, come over quickly and blow into your father’s mouth!”

“What, what?”

Lu Jiming stared at her in a daze unable to understand Feng Jiu’s instructions nor the meaning behind it. He was already dead, why did he have to blow into his mouth? What was he doing?

“Hurry up! Do you really want your father to die? If you don’t follow my instructions quickly, your father will really die!”

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