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Chapter 1805: Really Died

Without any further thoughts, Lu Jiming knelt down beside Feng Jiu and did as he was told. He lifted his father’s chin slightly and pinched his nose then blew hard into his mouth.

Feng Jiu didn’t stop giving him first aid until she heard him breathing. She told Lu Jiming to step back and then she unbuttoned Old Patriarch Lu’s shirt and let him slowly take a breath.

“Cough cough!” Old Patriarch Lu slowly opened his eyes and stared blankly at Feng Jiu as if unaware of what had just happened.

As for the grey-clothed old man and Lu Jiming who had stepped back, they stared wide-eyed in disbelief as they watched a dead man start breathing again and opened his eyes.

“Alive, alive?”

“What’s the matter with all of you?” Old Patriarch Lu asked as he rubbed his chest lightly. The pain was much worse this time, surely he must be dying soon?

“Father, Father, are you alright? How are you feeling now?” Lu Jiming asked in a trembling voice, still in shock that someone who had just died could be brought back to life.

“Quick, quickly, let me take a look!” The grey-clothed old man knelt down hurriedly and took his pulse. When he felt that his pulse had returned to normal, he couldn’t help but looked at Feng Jiu who had stepped aside in shock.

“Did I faint again?” Old Patriarch Lu asked as he looked at everyone around him. A smile appeared on his face: “Don’t worry, it’s fine. I will be alright after I’ve taken my medicine.”

Everyone in the Lu Family looked at their Patriarch with complexity in their eyes. He hadn’t just fainted earlier, he had lost his breath. And if it hadn’t been for the young boy, they were afraid….

When they thought of this, everyone looked at the young boy who was standing at one side holding on to the little white tiger cub and couldn’t help but thought secretly: Who on earth was this young boy? Did he really only know how to treat beasts? But, but just now it was clearly him who had saved their Patriarch.

“Why are you all looking at me? Isn’t Uncle Lu fine now?” Feng Jiu stroked the little white tiger cub in her arms and yawned as she walked back.

It was still in the middle of the night! She still wanted to rest for a while more.

“What’s the matter?” Old Patriarch Lu asked as he sensed that there was something amiss.

“Father, you, you…” Lu Jiming wanted to tell him that he had just died earlier, but, he didn’t know how to say it, so he could only look at Elder Lu.

Elder Lu collected his gaze and said to the Old Patriarch Lu: “Master, you just died earlier on.”

Upon hearing this, the Old Patriarch Lu was startled, and puzzled: “Died? How is that possible?” How could he wake up if he had died?

“It’s true.”

Lu Jiming who was beside him said, and then he couldn’t help looking at Feng JIu: “If it weren’t for him, Father you would not have woken up. You really died just now, you stopped breathing. None of us knew what to do, but this young boy saved your life.”

After he saw Elder Lu nod, the Old Patriarch Lu was shocked. His eyes couldn’t help but look over Feng Jiu’s resting place. After a while, he gestured: “Help me up. Since it was Young Brother Feng who had saved me, then it’s only right that I should thank him personally.”

Upon hearing that, Elder Lu and Lu Jiming hurriedly helped him up and accompanied him over to the young boy who was resting under the tree.

“Young Brother Feng.” Old Patriarch Lu called as he stood in front of him.

Feng Jiu opened her eyes and looked at Old Patriarch Lu in front of her. She smiled: “It’s still dark, are you not sleeping a while longer?”

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