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Chapter 1803: Fifth Grade Spiritual Liquid Medicine

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Feng Jiu said helplessly: “This little thing won’t drink any water, and there is nothing for it to eat in this forest either. If it was bigger it would have been fine, but it’s just a little milk tiger cub.”

She was indeed helpless! She looked at the little white tiger cub that was lying listlessly in her arms and felt extremely distressed. This newborn little milk tiger cub had been starved all day but they were going to be stuck in this forest for a few more days. If it refused to even drink water, then wouldn’t it be hungry the whole time?

She had seldom refined fasting pills that cultivators took, but it would be useless even if she had wanted to force it to take the pill at this point…

There was a flash of light in her mind.

That’s it! There was still some spiritual liquid medicine in her space! Maybe she could feed the little milk tiger cub with that?

Therefore, with a flick of her palm, she retrieved a bottle of spiritual liquid medicine. She opened the bottle of medicine and put it to the little milk tiger’s mouth: “Come on, have a taste of this.”

When the Old Patriarch Lu beside her saw this, he couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled: “If humans don’t like to take medicine, you’ll have even less chance of the spirit beast taking medicine. What’s more, medicine can’t be taken casually.”

“It’s alright, it’s just some spiritual liquid medicine. It won’t cause it any harm.” Feng Jiu said. When she saw the little milk tiger cub had finally stuck its tongue out and licked it, she couldn’t help but squinted her eyes and said to herself: This little thing knows the good stuff.

When the grey-clothed old man beside them caught a whiff of the spiritual medicine liquid, he couldn’t help but was shocked. He hurriedly stepped forward to the little milk tiger cub and smelled it. When the strong spiritual power and fragrance of the medicine penetrated his nostrils, the grey-clothed old man’s eyes widened and he stared at Feng Jiu with a pained expression: “You, you’re actually feeding such a precious thing to the spirit beast? You are spoiling it!”

“Elder Lu, how can you say that? Young Brother Feng can choose how he wants to use his own things and you don’t have a say in it. Don’t forget your sense of propriety.” The Old Patriarch Lu next to them frowned and said to him.

Feng Jiu smiled and glanced at Elder Lu. She knew that he could tell from the smell of the liquid medicine in her hand what sort of medicine it was, and she didn’t blame him.

Upon hearing this, Elder Lu said to the Old Patriarch Lu: “Master, the liquid medicine in her hand is at least a fifth grade spiritual liquid medicine, possibly even higher than fifth grade! He, he actually used it to feed the little milk tiger cub. Even if it doesn’t belong to me, it still pains me that its been used this way!”

Upon hearing this, Old Patriarch Lu was a little taken aback: “Fifth grade and above spiritual liquid medicine?” His heart beat a little faster and the gaze he looked at Feng Jiu became even more strange.

With a flick of her palm and she had retrieved a fifth grade or higher spiritual liquid medicine? Fifth grade and above spiritual liquid medicine were a highly sought after treasure at auctions. Yet he actually used it to feed a little milk tiger cub? Who, who on earth was this Young Brother Feng? Did he know the preciousness of a fifth grade and above spiritual liquid medicine?

“Young Brother Feng, where did you get this liquid medicine?” Old Patriarch Lu couldn’t help but asked.

“My Master gave it to me!” Feng Jiu said as a matter of factly. She pushed everything onto her Master in the shadows.

Upon hearing this, Old Patriarch Lu and Elder Lu looked at each other and asked: “Do you know what grade the spiritual liquid medicine in your hand is? Do you know what a fifth grade and above spiritual liquid medicine represents?”

“Yes I do! It represents money!” Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed as she smiled: “I know one bottle of spiritual liquid medicine can be sold for a lot of money! But my Master said it’s not for sale and must be kept for my own use.”

Everyone in the Lu Family twitched when they heard this. Use it for yourself? Did that mean to use it to feed the little milk tiger cub? It was such a waste to give it such a precious item. Not to mention Elder Lu, even the rest of them were pained by this!

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