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Chapter 1731: Ready

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The man in black was silent for a moment, then he spoke: “No, I didn’t see a young man in red clothes here, but there was a young man with extraordinary aura and momentum. He is most likely Feng Jiu’s sworn brother, Guan Xilin.”

“Guan Xilin? Hmph!” The Glorious East Country Ruler snorted coldy. He held out his hand and commanded: “Elder Yan, bring men over and annihilate them in one fell swoop!” Elder Yan was one of the two Celestial Strong Exponents under his command, therefore, killing Guan Xilin and a dozen Feng Guards would be a breeze to him.

“This old man obeys!” An old man dressed in a gray coat walked out from behind. Though he appeared inconspicuous, the aura resonating from his body was extraordinary.

“As long as this matter is done, you will surely be rewarded.” The Glorious East Country Ruler said.

“Thank you Country Ruler, Country Ruler just wait for this old man to bring the head of the man named Guan back!” Saying that, he bowed and walked out.

The Glorious East Country Ruler stood with a hand behind his back and looked at the sky outside. He muttered coldly: “The arrogant child is overconfident, let me use you to make Feng Jiu’s spirit suffer a setback!”

Maybe it was because there were only a few dozen or so people, and they were from a lower class country, therefore, neither the Glorious East Country Ruler nor the old man, and even the guards of the Glorious East Empire looked down on them.

How could someone from a country that had been destroyed and no longer existed be any good, even if they did have some cultivation? If they were really outstanding, then their Phoenix Dynasty wouldn’t have been destroyed.

Elder Yan and the others saw the order to annihilate Guan Xilin and his companions as an easy and great achievement at their fingertips, not a single one of them would be able to escape from here.

“Listen to me clearly, not a single one can be allowed to escape!” He said to the people behind him.


Everyone answered in a deep voice, there were only a few dozen of them against a hundred of them here, they had the upper hand in numbers alone, not to mention their strength was more superior than the ones from lower class countries to begin with anyway. It was not a problem to kill those people, let alone allow them to escape!

“Split up and come around from both sides to surround them!” Elder Yan waved his hand and beckoned them to move around both sides to outflank the Feng Guards in the back of the mountains.

Hence, the hundred or so guards moved quickly and dispersed in two directions. They gathered their breaths as they moved towards the sides, ready to surround them.

At the same time, Guan Xilin, Du Fan and Luo Yu along with the other Feng Guard Captains had been laying in wait for a long time. They held their breaths as they listened to the movements. A Feng Guard rushed silently and reported.

“Report! There are about a hundred men and they have divided into two teams to outflank us. Their leader is a Celestial Strong Exponent. In order to not be discovered, he’s not come too close so I can’t see his face clearly, but it should be one of the two Celestial Strong Exponents from the letter.”

“Very good!” Guan Xilin said and looked at Du Fan: “Are we ready?”

“Don’t worry! They are all ready, once they enter, they won’t be able to leave!” Du Fan said with confidence as he fanned himself with his white jade fan in his hand.

Upon hearing this, Guan Xilin looked at Luo Yu and the other Feng Guard Captains: “Lead your teams to wait in ambush at the formations. Once you see their people enter the formation, kill them at once!”


Luo Yu and the others answered in a deep voice, their voices powerful and their bodies filled with a strong fighting spirit. They had been waiting for this day for a long time! Today, they would finally encounter the strength of the Glorious East Empire’s guards!

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