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Chapter 1730: Finding the trace

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“Don’t worry, Ghost Doctor. Everything is all right with the Master.” Gray Wolf grinned. “There were so many things that have happened in the past six months that Master seems to be tense all the time and sometimes he is busy until midnight.”

Before he finished, he added, “But Ghost Doctor doesn’t have to worry. There have been no other women around the master in the past six months.”

Feng Jiu couldn’t help laughing. “Alright, don’t say those trivial matters.” Then she told Guan Xilin, “After a rest, act according to our original plan.”

“No problem.” Guan Xilin replied and walked towards the Feng Guards’ resting place at the back.

Seeing this, Gray Wolf did not disturb her any more. Instead, he sat not far away from her and watched her sit in the lotus position to regulate her vital energy. She closed her eyes and rested.

For the next two days, Gray Wolf watched Guan Xilin leave with the Feng Guards and others. He came to Feng Jiu and asked, “Ghost Doctor, what are they doing? Shall we help? ”

“No need. It’s fine for them to go.” Feng Jiu, sitting in the lotus position and cultivated, answered him without opening her eyes.

“So when are we going to attack the Glorious East Empire?” “Gray Wolf asked. He had seen her here for two days. Except for the flurry of movements from Guan Xilin and others, she had been sitting there giving no orders.

“Who told you that we are going to attack the Glorious East Empire?” Feng Jiu swept her gaze at him and asked jokingly.

“You’re not going to? So what are we doing here? Ghost Doctor, what are you going to do next? At least tell me a little bit!” He looked at her with a bitter face.

He was here with them all the time, but he didn’t know what to do next. He really felt suffocated.

“Wait! I’ll let you know when the time comes.” Feng Jiu stood up and stretched her waist. “Since you’re idle, let’s move our muscles!” With this, she already started attacking Gray Wolf with her fists.

Gray Wolf retreated quickly. Seeing that she didn’t use her spirit energy, he said, “Alright I’ll be Ghost Doctor’s sparring partner.” If she used spirit energy breath, he wouldn’t be able to resist her move. However, if she didn’t use it, it’s another thing. Moreover, maybe he could learn a trick or two from her!

His mood rose up at this thought. While dodging her assault, he attacked her at the same time.

The two fought in hand to hand combat in the forest. The eyes of the men in black could not help but shine. They all stared at the two people’s moves. They were familiar with the skills of their leader and used to seeing his style. But, Ghost Doctor’s was a rare sight. As soon as they saw the moves, they noticed the big difference.

She attacked each vital point fiercely. Were it not for leaving the spirit energy out, their leader wouldn’t have been able to hold up to even one of her moves. They secretly took notes of those lethal point attacks.

Meanwhile, in the Glorious East palace, the ruler squinted his malicious eyes and stared at the person below. “What did you say? You found traces of people at the back mountain of the palace?”

“Yes! Subordinate didn’t want to inadvertently alert the enemy and so came to report to the ruler.” The man in black spoke in a low voice.

“Good, good! How dare they come straight at me! I’ll make them realize that they can come but can’t go back!” He clenched his fists and his voice was full of chilling killing intent. Then, he seemed to think of something and asked, “Did you see Feng Jiu there?”

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