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Chapter 1732: Battle In The Forest

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The formations caused a light mist that filled the back mountain. Though the light mist was not dense, it did obscure their sight somewhat. When the people of the Glorious East Empire stepped into the formation unaware, the silent killing began…

The Feng Guards held daggers in their hands and emerged from the formations, they covered the mouths of their opponents with one hand and slit their throats with the other hand that held the dagger, their lives disappeared without even making a sound.

The people at the back were slowly diminishing, yet the people who were walking in front were completely unaware and didn’t notice that anything was amiss other than that they seemed to be walking around in circles in this mist.

“Have you noticed that we seem to be walking around in circles? We seem to have passed by this place earlier.” One of the guards leading the way said.

“Could there be formations here? Also, why do I seem to smell blood? Do you all smell it?” One of the men behind said. When he looked back, a Feng Guard appeared suddenly and pierced the dagger into his chest.

“Ah! There’s an ambush!”

That man was unable to swallow his last breath as he stared at the person who appeared suddenly with an unresigned expression in his eyes, and he fell down after saying one sentence.

“There is an ambush!”

Someone yelled and the whole team fell into chaos in an instant. They gathered together quickly and kept their backs to each other as they looked around their surroundings defensively. When they looked around, they saw that their team of originally fifty men now had less than half left!

“Damn it! Kill them!”

The leader of the team saw men in black rushing out from the mist and shouted in shock. However, just as his voice fell, a series of sleeve arrows shot out from the surrounding.

“Kill them! Not one of them is to be left alive!”

This time, the Feng Guards shouted loudly. They didn’t rush out but shot sleeve arrows at them . The countless sleeve arrows shot out like a rain of arrows towards the guards who were huddled close together.


Shrill voices sounded through the forest and the birds flapped their wings and flew away  in shock. Elder Yan who was nearby was also startled and there was a feeling of bad premonition that reached his heart.

Was it their people? Or was it their people from the Glorious East Empire?

No, it should be Guan Xilin’s men. There were only a few dozen of them, how could they rival against a hundred of his men? Moreover, there were strong exponents within these hundred men.

Although he was reassuring himself, the anxiety in his heart made sure that he was not careless. He walked inside to see what had happened.

Inside the formation, after the sleeve arrows had been shooting for a while, an order was commanded for it to stop. At this time, out of the fifty men, there were only three men left, and those men were Nascent Soul cultivators.

Luo Yu and Fan Lin, along with the other four Captains glanced at each other and Du Fan, then at the three men, they instructed the surrounding Feng Guards: “The others step back and stand guard! Leave these three old things to us!”

As soon as the order was commanded, the five of them rushed out in an instant. Luo Yu and the rest drew their long swords as they attacked while Fan Lin ordered men to light up the smoke so that it would diffuse towards them and spread in the air.

The line of sight was not very clear and the sounds of the swords clanging could be heard. The sharp sword aura swept across the air and cut down the surrounding trees. The smell of blood permeated through the air and it was unclear whether it belonged to them or their opponents.

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