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Chapter 1718: Just awaiting for the chance

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“His cultivation level?”

The royal siblings looked at each other. “Judging from his age and talent, he should be a Celestial Strong Exponent.”

“Celestial Strong Exponent? Hehehe.” The Scarlet Water ruler shook his head with a smile. “You want to kill him without even verifying his cultivation rank?”

Not verifying his rank? She always assumed that Xuanyuan Mo Ze was a Celestial Strong Exponent. After all, that’s the highest rank she had ever encountered.

“Father, are you telling that he’s not a Celestial Strong Exponent?” The Scarlet Water crown prince clenched his fist with a heart filled with hatred and unwillingness.

He and Xuanyuan Mo Ze were both crown princes. However, there was a wide gap between them. It was as if he had been held down by him and felt very unwilling.

“As far as I know, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s cultivation must be higher than the Celestial rank.” He paused and then continued speaking. “However, if he’s not at the Celestial rank, he may be at the Immortal Sacred realm. But even I have never met an Immortal Sacred.”

He sighed emotionally. “It’s difficult to cultivate to reach the Immortal Sacred since it’s truly a step into the immortal world. The strength of an Immortal Sacred is equivalent to a hundred Celestial Strong Exponents. So, we have always feared Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s strength. Do you mistakenly think that with the Upper Reaches forces as our backer, they will save us if we really encounter danger?”

He shook his head. “Too naive. You are too naive. We joined hands with several empires, but no one really made a move. No matter which country makes the move, it will be the one with the most serious damage. If we make the move first, resulting in a grave consequence to our empire’s people, then other countries take advantage of the situation and attack us, isn’t it toiling for others and receiving no benefits in return?”

He was the emperor and the ruler. His thoughts went much further than them. They only thought about the present, but he thought about the future.

The upper forces made them fight without even moving their own hands. The empires mutually tried to evade, just because they did not want to fight Hell’s Palace people. The one who rushed out first would surely have the most casualties.

“Then what shall we do? Are we just supposed to keep waiting?” The crown prince asked with reluctance.

“Of course not.” The Scarlet Water Ruler replied. “I sent a letter to the other three countries on behalf of the upper forces, telling each of them to send a military troop. At that time, the four countries will mobilize troops at the same time to attack the Xuanyuan Empire at one stroke and immediately divide up their territory!”

Hearing this, The Scarlet Water crown prince and the third princess were excited. “Father, is there anything we need to do? Please give us a command.”

The Scarlet Water ruler smiled and waved his hand. “Wait! When the time comes, your role will be indispensable.”

“Yes!” The two answered in unison. They followed when their father left the main hall.

Outside the imperial palace, Fire Phoenix shrunk into a small bird and perched on top of the branch, listening to their conversation. After watching them leave, it flapped its wings and left, ready to report back to Feng Jiu.

Feng Jiu and others set up camp to rest in the woods outside the Scarlet Water imperial City. Cloud Devouring Beast lay beside Feng Jiu with its eyes half squinted. Old White’s shape shrunk like a small white snake, slept coiling up on the branch.

While they were resting, they were waiting for the arrival of the other two teams. At this time, Fire Phoenix, who had shrunk to the size of a fist, came back flapping its wings…

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