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Chapter 1717: Xuanyuan’s cultivation

Xuanyuan Mo Ze turned silent and didn’t say any words. He knew that he could only wait for her arrival.

However, he had no idea that Feng Jiu and her party headed off to the Scarlet Water Empire, one of the four empires that besieged the Xuanyuan Empire.

Ever since the Scarlet Water Empire failed to establish the royal intermarriage and had to return home dejectedly, the country harboured a grudge against the Xuanyuan Empire, especially towards Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu. The Crown Prince and the third princess, who suffered losses in their hands, had always kept this in mind. Therefore, the Scarlet Water Country could be said as the biggest proponent in dealing with the Xuanyuan Empire.

After a month or so of journey, Feng Jiu and her team as the first to arrive at the Scarlet Water Empire would infiltrate the imperial city and lay low, inquiring for news while waiting for Guan Xilin and Du Fan’s arrival.

In the Scarlet Water imperial palace, the crown prince and the third princess were discussing things with their father in the main hall.

“Father, now that the Xuanyuan Empire is under siege, why don’t we take advantage of this to destroy them?” The crown prince asked.

“Indeed, Father. This is the time to raise the Scarlet Water Empire’s prestige. The old man Xuanyuan is already disabled. There’s nothing to fear. The most difficult person to deal with now is Xuanyuan Mo Ze. But with the strength of your empire, coupled with the other three empires and the secret backer, I think now is the right time.”

She gritted her teeth in anger recalling the humiliation of her broken-off engagement. Feng Jiu was supposed to be the Phoenix Empire’s princess. Now, the Phoenix Empire was destroyed by their strong secret backer. The whole palace turned into ruins and even Feng Jiu went into hiding.

This grievance was vented, but, that Xuanyuan Mo Ze!

When she thought about Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who was still guarding the Xuanyuan Imperial Palace, there were both resentment and great respect in her heart. Not only that man had the looks of an immortal, but his ability was also excellent. Unfortunately, he was blind! He didn’t want her, an unparalleled beauty possessing high status and position, and fell in love with Feng Jiu, a princess of that low-rank country!

He helped her humiliate them and trampled them under her feet. From then on, she knew that their Scarlet Water Empire and the Xuanyuan Empire were irreconcilable! Watch who would have the ability to stand at the end and become the leader of all countries.

Now, with the help of the forces behind them, it’s very easy for them to become the leader.

“Haha, do you think Xuanyuan Moze is an ordinary man?” The Scarlet Water Empire’s ruler was smiling at the pair of son and daughter below. “From the start of the Xuanyuan Empire’s internal strife where several princes fought each other until now, how many of them survived?”

He stood up, walked inside the main hall with both hands clasped behind his back. “Besides, not to mention his own cultivation strength, it’s the fact that he can live to the present after suffering from the Thousand Year Frost Poison. You should see that Xuanyuan Mo Ze is the most difficult person to deal with.”

When the two royal siblings heard this, they couldn’t help looking at each other and said nothing.

“An ordinary person will surely die if he is poisoned three times by the Thousand Year Frost Poison. He was afflicted for a long time, yet he could still solve it. Tell me, can we kill such a person as we wish?”

The Scarlet Water ruler glanced at them. “Moreover, do you have any idea about Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s cultivation level?”

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