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Chapter 1719: The plan conceived in the forest

When she saw Fire Phoenix flying back, Feng Jiu stretched out her hand for Fire Phoenix to perch on.

“How was it? What news did you hear?” She asked softly.

Fire Phoenix flapped its wings and answered, “There’s news. The Scarlet Water Kingdom’s old man said to unite the people of several kingdoms to attack the Xuanyuan Empire together.”

Fire Phoenix told Feng Jiu all the news it heard in the palace and waited for her next orders.

Feng Jiu’s lips curved in a sneer after hearing the news. The old man already counted his chicken before they were hatched. Since he was not afraid of death, she would start from him.

She ordered her people to go into hiding first, and then let Fire Phoenix go to the palace to keep watch. Others were waiting for Guan Xilin and Du Fan. And this wait was two days.

One evening two days later, Guan Xilin and Du Fan took their teams to the woods. A Feng Guard who was watching in the woods took them to Feng Jiu as soon as he saw them.

As soon as Guan Xilin saw Feng Jiu, he strode forward and asked with a smile, “When did you arrive, Little Jiu? We’ve been flying throughout the whole journey, but we didn’t expect to come later than you. ”

“Mistress.” Du Fan and the Feng Guards saluted her respectfully.

Feng Jiu looked at them and said with a smile, “We’re two days ahead of you. Is everything going well on your way?”

“Nothing happened on the road. It was fine.” They answered with a smile.

Feng Jiu nodded. “Let’s all have a rest. I’ll give you a rough idea of what will happen next.”

So they all sat down around the fire under the tree and looked at her, waiting for her next words.

“Now that everyone is here, I’m getting ready to act tomorrow night. We don’t need to make a big move since it will mainly be an assassination. As long as the person in charge of Scarlet Water Kingdom dies, then the Kingdom will be like a sheet of loose sand and then they will not be able to take care of themselves. Naturally, they will no longer have time to deal with the Xuanyuan Empire.”

Next, Feng Jiu told them the details of the plan, and then asked, “Do you remember it all?”

“We remember.” Everyone responded with a loud and vigorous voice.

“Very good. Let’s get some rest after the meal.” She motioned for Leng Hua and Leng Shuang to divide the roasted meat among the people. Then, she got up to leave and walk around.

Seeing this, Guan Xilin followed her. “Little Jiu, have you told Mo Ze about our arrival here?”

Feng Jiu looked back and smiled. “He should only know that we came to the Eight Supreme Empires, but he had no idea that we are now in Scarlet Water Kingdom.” She was going to surprise him and helped him solve these potential problems.

When he heard her answer, Guan Xilin shook his head and smiled. “Then, he should be worried now. He doesn’t know that your strength has reached the Immortal Sacred Peak stage. I guess he must think that your strength has reached the Celestial Peak stage.”

Feng Jiu’s lips curved up in a smile. “He will receive the news soon.” When she killed the Scarlet Water ruler and destroyed half of the forces in his imperial city, Xuanyuan Mo Ze would naturally receive the news.

Moreover, at that time, not only he would know, but people from several other countries would also know that at that time. They would be nervous and frightened. After all, the Scarlet Water ruler was a Celestial middle-stage cultivator.

When the time came, as long as she wiped out another empire’s ruler, she believed that the shock at that time would definitely be greater than that of killing the Scarlet Water ruler!

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