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Chapter 1688: It’s just the beginning

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“I’ll tell you something you don’t know.” The man said. “You must not know this! Feng Jiu is not the original Feng Qing Ge. Her body should have been robbed and occupied by a strange soul from the unknown and became the current Feng Jiu.”

“As for these ants, killing them is just a matter of words. I can get them to die a terrible death just by moving my fingers. However, when I discovered this interesting thing, I actually want to see how Feng Xiao deals with the person who possesses his daughter’s body.”

“It’s easy to kill someone, but don’t you think it’s more interesting to torture her and destroy her mind? Seeing her doubted by her close relatives, betrayed by others, being forsaken by friends and allies…dying in physical and mental pain is more interesting than killing her with a knife, don’t you think? ”

Hearing this, Han Rong’s eyes lit up. “It’s a brilliant idea, Lord!”

It seemed that he was very satisfied with these words. The man spoke again. “As for the Xuanyuan Empire’s ruler, although he was not dead, he was almost like a useless man. His cultivation was abolished, his strength is gone and his internal alchemy was shattered. From the strong exponent high up in the clouds, he fell down to the earth below and became the lowest mud. Now, it’s easy for anyone who wants to kill him. If he’s not killed, he’s just waiting for his death.”

“The Lord is wise. Han Rong’s revenge depends on the Lord’s help. The Lord’s help is a great favour and Han Rong will not forget it!” He knelt down immediately and seemed very excited.

“It’s alright. I’m not a good person and you’re not either. Your master is even worse.” The man waved. “We’re just taking advantage of each other. Go back and tell your master that the Phoenix Star’s story is all nonsense. If he doesn’t believe it, hehe, when I’m tired of playing with them, I’ll take Feng Jiu’s life.”

“Yes. Han Rong will leave first.” He cupped his fists and then turned around to leave.

When he was outside, he paused his steps and looked up at the sky, exposing a gloomy smile.

Feng Jiu! You got your just deserts today!

If it wasn’t for the appearance of Feng Jiu, he would still be Uncle Han in the Xuanyuan mansion! If it wasn’t for Feng Jiu’s hand, he would not decline to the mortal world, having his cultivation abolished by. Xuanyuan Mo Ze who broke his arms and drove him out of the imperial city!

It seemed to Xuanyuan Mo Ze that he was being kind, but he had no idea that to Han Rong, it would be worse than death!

He lost one arm and had no cultivation. He was driven out of the imperial city. Soon he was dragged into the woods by the ferocious beast and died in the mouth of the beast. It was his resentment and hatred that lingered in his heart. His spirit floated around until he met his current master, the Demon Lord!

It was he who gave him his life again and made him come back to the world. It was he who gave him everything he had now. However, even though he robbed a cultivator’s body for himself with the help of his master, his resentment was hard to dispel. He wanted to kill Feng Jiu and retaliate against Xuanyuan Mo Ze!

He wanted Feng Jiu to lose her close relatives and be deprived of everything! He wanted Xuanyuan Mo Ze to lose the whole Xuanyuan Empire and his father to fall from the clouds!

He would return all the sufferings he received from them!

He looked at the sky, his voice was sinister and cold. “It’s just the beginning. Just wait and see!”


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