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Chapter 1689: The cicada casting off its skin

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Just after Han Rong left, another man in black went inside and handed in the incoming missive. When the man inside read the message, he snorted coldly.

“Feng Xiao has suppressed this matter? What a surprise!”

As soon as he crumpled the paper in his hand, it turned into ashes and disappeared from the palm of his hand. “In that case, let’s give them a hand! Cut weeds and eliminate the roots. I’d like to see if Feng Jiu really is the Phoenix Star!”

However, things didn’t always go as planned. A month later, the people here received another piece of news.

“Master, just one night a month ago, a force launched an attack on the Phoenix Empire and annihilated them overnight. Even the whole palace was reduced to ashes and no one survived.”

“All of the Feng clan are dead?” The Lord was surprised. “It’s not ours, so whose action was that?”

“We did not see anyone escape. According to our people, there was a boundary set in the palace, so it was impossible for the people inside to get out. Moreover, it was not our people who did it.” The man in black reported.

“Is Feng Jiu dead? Did you see her body? What about her ancient sacred beast Fire Phoenix?” The man asked again, thinking that this matter was strange. How could she die so easily?

“That night, I saw the ancient beast Fire Phoenix showed up to face the attack, but in the end, it was shot down by an arrow. Its body caught on fire. It disappeared without a trace after falling into the flames.” The man in black’s voice halted, then continued speaking. “This was what our people have seen with their own eyes. It should be true, but something was strange.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Before that, Feng Xiao had issued an imperial order, saying that the Feng Guards suffered heavy losses, that they provoked a strong enemy and could not defend the Phoenix Empire. From the day the imperial order was issued, the empire was abolished, and then only the various family forces were left. The governing imperial family will exist no more.”

When he heard this, the Lord behind the scenes was silent. He tapped his fingers on the table and made a knocking sound. After a long time, he spoke again. “It’s interesting. If you give up, you’re willing to give up everything you’ve got. But, is this Feng clan really dead? I won’t believe it without seeing their corpses.”

“Master, do you suspect that they’re implementing the strategy of the cicada casting off its skin?” The man in black inquired.

“Won’t they?”

The man in black pondered for a moment. “I heard screams coming from inside that night. The boundary didn’t disperse until the large fire burned everything out. How could those people possibly have the strength to escape in such a situation?”

“Forget it, consider them dead. No matter whether they can escape or not, all you have to do is send the message out and have someone bring it to Han Rong. Whether it is true or not, Han Rong will investigate it himself.” He waved his hand as a sign for the man in black to withdraw.

“Yes.” The man in black saluted and retreated respectfully.

In the Xuanyuan Empire, Xuanyuan Mo Ze was listening to the news brought back by Ren Xiang. He asked, “So, where are they? Is everything all right? ”

Ren Xiang smiled. “Master, don’t worry. Ghost Doctor has arranged everything and evaded those people’s attention. At this time, they should no longer be within the boundary of the Phoenix Empire. Ghost Doctor said that after having her parents and family settled, she will send Master a letter.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze nodded. Recently, there were too many things that happened. Even he didn’t expect that she would burn down the Phoenix Empire in order to implement the strategy of ‘the cicada casting off its skin’.

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