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Chapter 1687: The mastermind

listening to the latest news reported by a man in black.

“Master, some other forces have started to look for the Phoenix Star. Some even went to the Sky Mountain to inquire with Old Man Tianji. There is news that the patriarchs of those sects have already known the identity of the Phoenix Star. They have sent people secretly to protect her since they wish to welcome her to their sects.”

“Phoenix Star? Tsk!”

The man inside sneered. “What Destined Phoenix Star, Sovereign of the world? It’s just a woman. What can she accomplish? Those old farts like to play tricks. Since they want to play, how can we not have some fun too? ”

The voice had a bit of carelessness. “Since you sent people out, do you have anyone on their trail? Which direction are they going? And, who is the one they called the Phoenix Star?”

The kneeling man in black lowered his head. “Subordinate, Subordinate lost their tracks.”

The man’s voice turned chilly. With a gloomy tone, he spoke out. “Since you don’t know, what are you doing kneeling here? Why don’t you look for them quickly?”

“Yes, yes!” The man in black replied, then withdrew hastily.

At this time, another man in black came in from the outside and reported. “Master, Han Rong is requesting an audience.”

“Let him in!”

“Yes!” The man in black answered and walked out. Soon, a pale middle-aged man came into the room.

The man was dressed in grey. He was grey-haired, emaciated and wan. There was something sinister and strange about him. He stepped inside unhurriedly and saluted the figure behind the curtain.

“Han Rong pays homage to the Lord.”

“Han Rong, what news did your master ask you to bring this time?” The man inside asked. From the faint figure’s movement, one could manage to see that he’s eating some fruits.

“Yes, Lord. My Master certainly sent me here to bring news to you.” Han Rong spoke slowly as he looked at the man inside.


“My master said that he got the news that the Phoenix Star is Princess Feng Jiu of the Phoenix Empire. This person must not remain. She has to be killed while she is still a fledgeling to prevent future trouble.”

“The Phoenix Star is Feng Jiu?” The man seemed a little surprised. “Is your news correct? Feng Jiu is nothing out of the ordinary.” After a pause, he asked with a smile. Or, you found out that I didn’t exterminate the Feng clan, so you deliberately come here to say this?”

Han Rong’s eyes flashed and he lowered his head. “Han Rong dared not. Han Rong asked the Lord to wipe out the Phoenix Empire and Feng Jiu’s whole family at the price of a spirit mine, trusting that the Lord will surely be able to carry it out and will not renege on his promise. If Feng Jiu is lucky enough to escape, I believe it was just her fate and not because the Lord’s subordinates are weak.”

“Hahahaha! Han Rong, you have lots of guts!”

The man looked up and laughed. There was a malicious tone in his laughter. “Your lips said that you didn’t dare, but who knows what you think in your heart? When this Lord took your things that day, these things will naturally be done. Even if Phoenix Empire has not fallen apart yet, it’s considered badly damaged. Feng Jiu’s grandfather and others were buried in the sea of fire. As for her parents, ha ha…”

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