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Chapter 1635: Refreshed

The black-robed and refreshed Xuanyuan Mo Ze placed one hand behind his back and the other hand on his front abdomen. He walked out with steady steps. When he saw the three people standing at the gate outside the courtyard, he asked, “Is something the matter?”

His voice was languid and magnetic as if he had just awakened from sleep. He was also like a young man who just tasted the sweetness. There was unconcealed satisfaction between his eyebrows.

The three of them had different reactions when they saw his looks. Leng Shuang, especially, was a little unclear. It’s not that she didn’t have any doubts, but that she put her suspicions deep in her heart. She reported, “Madam has already prepared dinner and invited Hell’s Lord and Mistress to come and have a meal.”

“Little Jiu hasn’t woken up yet. Let her sleep more.” As soon as he stopped speaking, Feng Jiu’s voice came from behind.

“I’m up. Let’s go there together!” Feng Jiu came out of the room lazily, rubbing her sore hands and glaring angrily at the man smiling at her.

She mistakenly thought this guy would be tempted to take up the gun for battle! Unexpectedly, it was her five fingers that worked tirelessly in the end. Rubbing her sore hand, what feeling she had in her heart was unknown.

If it were another man, he would have done the deed already. But Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who always did what his mind conceived, did not cross the last line of defense. She knew that he cherished her, but she could not bear looking at him enduring it like that. Otherwise, she would not have made her five fingers sore to the point of numbness today.

“Not tired? Shall I ask them to bring the meal?” He came forward to embrace her. Seeing her red dress, her dark tresses falling luxuriantly on her back, with indolence and charm between her eyebrows. He couldn’t help but want to hide her, not letting others see.

“So, you also know what tired is? My hands are sore.” She leaned into his arms, murmuring her complaints.

Hearing this, a deep smile flashed in Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes across. With a low voice, he whispered in her ear, “That’s the proof that your man is so virile. You have nothing to worry for conjugal happiness in the future.”

Feng Jiu recalled their previous scene and blushed prettily. She rolled her eyes and pushed him away. “Leng Shuang, let’s go!” With this, she took the lead and left with Leng Shuang.

Watching her walk away, Xuanyuan Mo Ze let out a laugh with his deep magnetic voice. His laugh was accompanied with a tender gaze at the figure in red. After a pause, he followed her with his hands clasped behind his back.

The couple were talking with a low voice, so Gray Wolf and Shadow One could only hear one or two words vaguely. However, seeing their master’s satisfied look, they could not help guessing. Did their master really ‘eat’ Ghost Doctor?

They went for dinner. During the meal, Shangguan Wanrong saw her hands trembling slightly and asked with concern. Consequently, Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze felt uncomfortable.

In the end, they just made up a random excuse. As soon as the meal was over, the two left in a hurry, ready to go out for a stroll.

Shangguan Wanrong was naturally full of joy. Seeing the deep affections between the couple, as a mother she was very gratified.

Leaving the courtyard’s gate and walking down the street, Feng Jiu exhaled gently. She spoke in a bad mood, “After meeting with my father, let’s do the wedding quickly! A few more times like this, even if I can bear it, my hands can’t stand it. “

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