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Chapter 1634: Still not up yet

With a faint ripping sound, the cloth was torn into shreds and scattered on the ground. The sight came into Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s full view.

His breath turned ragged, a dim light floated at the depth of his eyes, and he couldn’t help gulping. His scorching gaze fell on her chest without being able to move away for a long time.

“So beautiful…”

His voice was raspy as if his breathing was suddenly clogged. His whole mind and being were in a state of agitation. He had a ferocious impulse to have her.

However, he once told her that he would keep their most beautiful night for the wedding night, so…

Her enchanting face was looming before his eyes: her sloping eyebrows, the slightly slanting corners of her eyes, her curved lips. She exuded an alluring charm that attracted people to sin.

With a lift of his hand, he took off his clothes almost in the blink of an eye, took her into his embrace and carried her into the bath barrel. As soon as they entered the barrel, the water splashed out and overflowed to the ground. The sound of plopping water, flower petals drifting, and faint scent of flowers permeating the air intermingled with their passionate emotion.

In the evening.

The idle Shangguan Wanrong personally prepared the meal and cooked a few dishes. Since Chen Dao and Lu Heng had already gone back, there were not many people in residence. Thus, she only cooked a few dishes.

After all the meals were set on the table, Shangguan Wanrong looked around and asked, “Leng Shuang, where’s Little Jiu? Why have I not seen her yet? ”

Leng Shuang pondered a bit. After some thought, she answered, “Mistress must have been in her courtyard.”

“Then, please call Little Jiu and Mo Ze to come for the meal!” Shangguan Wanrong smiled. She sat down and rested, poured a cup of tea and took a sip while waiting for them to come over.

“Yes.” Leng Shuang went out.

On the other side, Shadow One and Gray Wolf who were guarding outside Feng Jiu’s courtyard kept silent but their eyes were brighter than usual. Shadow One cast his gaze towards the main courtyard occasionally, as if waiting for their Master and Mistress to come out.

However, Gray Wolf was staring fixedly at the main courtyard, itching with curiosity. Did his master finally ‘eat’ Ghost Doctor? He didn’t hear anything for most of the afternoon. Did they take a noon nap and did nothing at all?

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help asking, “Shadow One, do you think they’ve done the deed?” After his question got unanswered for quite a while, Gray Wolf turned his head and nudged him with his elbow. “I asked you a question!”

“I don’t know.”

Shadow One answered coldly. He spotted Leng Shuang coming their way from the corner of his eyes, so he motioned him to take a look.

Seeing Leng Shuang, Gray Wolf grinned. He quickly stood in front of her. “Leng Shuang, why are you here? Is something the matter?”

Leng Shuang frowned when she saw Gray Wolf blocking her way. She glanced at Shadow One. “What are you two doing here? Is Hell’s Lord here, too? That’s just right. Madam has prepared dinner and asked me to invite them over to dinner. ”

She was about to walk over, but her path was blocked again.

“Wait, wait.” Gray Wolf looked at her sheepishly. “They haven’t come out yet! Don’t go there and ruin it for them.”

“Ruin what?” Leng Shuang was stunned. She glanced into the courtyard and didn’t find the couple. So, were they inside the room?

“They are still not up yet!” As Gray Wolf was saying this, he heard the door open.

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