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Chapter 1636: This hand is an eyesore

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze laughed softly. “Alright.”

As the night deepened, lanterns on the main street were lit. It was very lively with a continuous flow of people. When they entered the street and mingled with the crowd, those in the surroundings no matter whether they were men or women, their eyes fell on them involuntarily.

The reason was none other than the pair of a domineering man and a woman of exquisite beauty. Their black robe and red dress walking together on the street looked very well-matched. They were like celestial beings coming down from Heaven and not of this world.

Because the eyes of those around them had been following them closely, the couple did not stroll for long. They just strolled around the city, then they went to Hell’s Palace base.

After a few days and still hadn’t received Feng Xiao’s news, Feng Jiu felt that something was odd.

How could there be no news? Did they perhaps not enter the city? It didn’t make sense!

One day in the afternoon, while sitting on the roof and taking a rest, she saw a person in a black robe coming out of the street and stopping in front of their courtyard.

When she saw the man, she narrowed her eyes. She saw that he looked like he was in his twenties to thirties. He was tall and strong, looking a bit travel-worn. There was a colourful bird perched on his shoulder. The more he looked, the more familiar he felt, especially the small bird…

“Fire Phoenix?”

She whispered with surprise, quickly stood on her tiptoe and crossed the wall to the outside of the courtyard. She landed in front of the man and stared at his smiling countenance. Seeing the familiar appearance, she opened her mouth wide in disbelief.


“Little Jiu, I didn’t expect you to recognize your father at once. Hahaha, you’re really worthy to be my daughter.” Feng Xiao laughed loudly. His deep laughter rang out.

“He kept talking throughout the journey that you won’t recognize him!” Fire Phoenix flapped its wings and flew to Feng Jiu’s shoulder, rubbing against her face intimately.

Feng Jiu stroked Fire Phoenix’s furs with her fingers gently. She told it with a smile, “Thank you, Fire Phoenix, for protecting my father in the journey that he’s arrived safely here.”

“You’re welcome. That’s what I should do.” Fire Phoenix perched on her shoulder with its head raised and asked. “I didn’t listen to your order to stay in the Phoenix Empire as its guardian beast. Will you blame me?”

“How’s that possible? You’re already here. There’s still Grandfather and others on that side. There should be no problem.” She chuckled and then looked at her father. “Father, when did you advance and become a Martial Divine cultivator? It’s no wonder that Hell’s Palace’s people couldn’t find your news.”

“Hahaha, indeed. As my strength has entered the Martial Divine realm, my appearance has also changed. Naturally, they can’t recognize me.” With a smile, he told her what happened on the way and asked, “By the way, how is your mother now? Is she all right?”

“Father, please rest assured. Mother is alright. We originally planned to return, but since we heard the news that you came here, we’re waiting for you here. With no news from you these days, Mother is worried all the time! Wait until she sees you later, I bet she will be ecstatic.”

Feng Jiu and Feng Xiao were chatting as they headed towards the courtyard. Xuanyuan Mo Ze just came out. When he saw Feng Jiu came in while leaning close to a man, he frowned and stared at the man’s hand around her shoulder.

He felt this hand was an eyesore and had an impulse to chop it.

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