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Chapter 1633: This bath barrel is so big

“Alright, we digressed. There’s nothing to talk about things you haven’t even seen.” Feng Jiu smiled and raised her hand, motioned to the two people to stop bickering. She then turned to Xuanyuan Mo Ze. “Do you want to go back and take a bath?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze moved his gaze and a dim light flashed in the depth of his eyes. He stared at her and answered, “Yes.”

“Alright! Then, let’s go! ” She put the Qingfeng sword away, oblivious to the profound look in his eyes. She reached out to hold his hand and left with him.

Watching the two leave, Gray Wolf put his hand around Shadow One’s shoulder and said mysteriously, “Hey, did you see Master’s meaningful gaze?”

He glanced at Gray Wolf and shook his hand off. “Go away!” Shadow One then strode off to follow the couple at a medium distance.

Back in the courtyard, Feng Jiu asked for hot water for bathing. When she entered the room, she found that Xuanyuan Mo Ze also followed her. She was stunned. “Why aren’t you going for a bath?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze gazed at her. “I will!” He went inside and looked around. He came to the steaming bath barrel. “This place is just right to take a bath. The barrel is big enough.”

Feng Jiu’s lips twitched. “Are you serious?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes flickered. He walked up towards Feng Jiu who stood at the door, embracing her while at the same time waving his hand to close the door and lock it.

Feng Jiu only felt her body being lifted into an embrace and brought inside. She was stunned and for a moment had no idea how to react. Xuanyuan Mo Ze was an outwardly cold but passionate inside type of man. It could be seen from the fact that even though he always looked serious and majestic, he wore red underpants underneath his clothes.

In the past, although his mind was restless, he would restrain himself. Especially, he didn’t do anything excessive when her mother was here. How come today…

“Extend your hands.”

A low and magnetic voice came into her ears. The unique warm breath of a man sprayed behind her ears, causing goosebumps all over her body.

Only then did she realize that he carried her to the side of the barrel, while he was standing right behind her.

It was unknown what she thought. Unexpectedly, Feng Jiu obeyed his words and extended her hands, letting him untie her clothes and take off her coat.

When the red outer robe was untied, he raised his hand and tossed the red robe to the screen. His hand felt her waist and moved upwards. When he touched her flat chest, he embraced her from behind and whispered in her ear, “Are you still wrapping your chest?”

“Of course!”

She replied, “Isn’t it strange if I wear men’s clothes without wrapping my breasts?”

“Wrapping your chest often will impede their development. After we get married, you should stop wrapping your chest.” He said in a low voice with a trace of hoarseness. He reached her inner garment, untied it, and then turned her to face him.

Standing in front of him, her snow-white shoulders, as well as her beautiful and lovely collar bones, were revealed. His eyes turned darker and his gaze moved down towards the white cloth wrapping around her chest.

He remembered that she had a buxom chest, but that plumpness was squeezed under this white cloth. His heart burst into flames with distress.

His hand caressed her shoulders and rubbed her clavicles. When his hand reached her chest, he paused, feeling an impulse to tear this piece of cloth into shreds. And he acted following this thought…

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