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Chapter 1577: 1577
Chapter 1577: The blood-stained robe

Seeing them withdraw, Guan Xilin wanted to uproot them completely . However, Feng Jiu stopped him .

“Big Brother, don’t chase them . ” She looked deeply at those wounded men in black who had escaped . Dozens of them that were now reduced to less than a dozen people escaped in embarrassment . Since they had been seriously injured this time, they should not trouble her this short period of time .

But, who sent these assassins? Did she offend anyone here?

Once this idea emerged, a figure appeared in her mind . She was not sure about it, however .

“Young Master Feng, you’re hurt . Is it serious?” City Lord Duan stepped forward and asked . Feng Jiu fought several Celestial Strong Exponents alone . Even though he didn’t know how they fought inside, it was obvious that Feng Jiu had the upper hand .

This made him shocked and astonished . He thought Feng Jiu just had good medical skills, but he didn’t expect him to have amazing combat power as well as being a Nascent Soul peak level strong exponent .

Feng Jiu obviously wasn’t at the Celestial level, but she could fight against those people who were at the Celestial early stage . Such combat power was undoubtedly very terrifying .

“I’m alright . ” She glanced at the wounds on her body . “They’re just small wounds . ” She apologized to City Lord Duan and Meng Family Head . “I’ve caused troubles to you . ”

“Young Master Feng, you exaggerated . It’s us who didn’t give you any help . ” The two dignitaries replied immediately .

“Let’s go back first! Bandage your wound . ” Guan Xilin said . Then, he told City Lord Duan, “City Lord, I’ll take her back to the manor . ”

“Yes, yes . I’ll send guards to escort you there . ” Once the City Lord said this, Guan Xilin immediately waved his hand to stop him . “There’s no need . It’s enough to have me as the guard . ” He took Feng Jiu to leave first .

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The City Lord and Meng Family Head watched him carry the large sword dripping with blood, protecting Feng Jiu and turning away . They could not help looking at the bodies of the two Celestial Strong Exponents who had been cut off at the waist . They looked at the bloody scene, they both gulped at the same time .

Also, with Guan Xilin’s protection, coupled with the valiant combat power of Feng Jiu, what’s their use to protect them?

Feng Jiu and Guan Xilin left . After Duan Family Head left his subordinates to help deal with the corpses . Then, he sent his father back to the manor .

The two Saint ranked alchemists who previously tried to put Feng Jiu into trouble had already hid much earlier . They didn’t dare show their faces . The same happened with other alchemists in pill refining and alchemists in pharmacy .

In case of assassination, they didn’t want to be investigated . They didn’t care about other things .

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Luckily for them, Feng Jiu didn’t bother with them and ignored them directly . When the City Lord Duan saw this, he would not deliberately mention it . After all, the two men were also Saint ranked alchemists, so they had to give them face anyway .

Finally, the crowd left and the corpses on the ground were taken away . However, the blood-stained ground and the air reeking of blood that still lingered in their noses for a long time made all of them unable to calm down

Returning to the City Lord Manor, Guan Xilin sent Feng Jiu directly to her room . He asked her to take off her outer coat to look at the wound . When her red coat was taken off, he saw her inner robes were dyed red with blood . Guan Xi Lin’s eyes shrank .

“How could you shed so much blood?” Because it was originally red, he thought it was just a small wound . He didn’t expect the wound to shed so much blood .

“My shoulder bone was slashed by a sword . It’s pretty deep . Everything else is alright . ” She smiled, but her voice seemed tired and powerless .

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