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Chapter 1578: 1578
Chapter 1578: Wrath

“Lean against the bed and don’t move . I’ll help you dress your wounds . ” “He spoke in a calm voice as he took out the medicine to stop the bleeding . However, she stopped him .

“Big Brother, you don’t need to . Go out first, I’ll treat it myself . ” She spoke softly, sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, taking a pill from the space .

He frowned . “How can you treat your own wounds? You have to put the medicine right away . Otherwise, I’ll call that young girl to give you medicine . ”

He thought Feng Jiu was injured in the shoulder and was embarrassed to let him put medicine . So, he got up and went out to ask Duan Yingying to come over .

Feng Jiu pulled him and shook her head . “No, I have a skill that enables my wounds to heal by itself . I don’t need to put on any medicine . This skill’s healing speed is very fast . Don’t be harried . It’s alright to just guard outside for me . Don’t let people disturb me . ”

Guan Xilin was still a little incredulous after listening to her explanation . But, as she had already told him, he didn’t ask any more questions and just replied with “Alright, if you have anything, call me . I’ll be outside . ”

After giving her this reply, he left the room and stood outside the door .

Hearing that Feng Jiu and others had already returned home, Duan Yingying also came to Feng Jiu’s room . She saw Guan Xilin guarding the door and his body stained with blood . She turned pale and asked him worriedly . “Big Brother Guan, why do you get blood on your body? What about Feng Jiu? ”

Although she drank the medicine given to her by Feng Jiu, her voice was still a little hoarse and raspy . Even so, she pronounced her words distinctly so that people could hear her clearly .

Guan Xilin took a look at her . “We met a mishap outside and killed several people . But, she got injured and now she’s healing her wounds . You should go back to the room first . ”

“Is Feng Jiu alright? Are her wounds serious?” She asked anxiously .

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“It’s nothing serious, don’t worry . ” In spite of this, he clenched his fist at the thought that her white inner robe was dyed blood red .

Who on earth wanted to kill her? They sent so many strong men . It seemed that they had the determination to put her to death! If this man dared to attack his sister, he would never let him off!

When Duan Yingying was about to say something, she heard the sound of footsteps . At this time, since Guan Xilin looked back, she turned back to take a look as well .

Her father and younger sister came together in a hurry . Seeing them, she bit her lower lip, stood still, and lowered her head slightly .

“Brother Guan, is Young Master Feng seriously hurt? Do you want the manor’s physician to have a look?” The City Lord asked .

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“He’s hurt . Why are you standing out here for? Doesn’t he need a bandage? Are you a blockhead? Why do you stand there foolishly!” Duan Linlin scolded Guan Xilin rudely . She wanted to open the door to have a look . Unexpectedly, before she took two steps ahead, her collar was seized and she was thrown out .

“Get lost!”

Guan Xilin’s face turned gloomy . He bellowed in a cold voice like thunder . It smashed Duan Linlin’s heart and made her angry and ashamed .

“How dare you do this to me! I am the daughter of the City Lord! You don’t want to live! ”

“Little Lin, withdraw!”

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Although City Lord Duan also felt that Guan Xilin’s attitude was not very good, he also knew that he should be in a bad mood when seeing Feng Jiu injured . So, he didn’t dare to blame him and just chided his daughter .

“Father! You’re helping others, not me!” She glared angrily at Guan Xilin, feeling aggrieved in her heart . Her eyes reddened .

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