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Published at 10th of January 2021 12:13:28 PM

Chapter 1576: Chapter 1576 - A disastrous loss

Chapter 1576: A disastrous loss

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“Are you looking for me? I’m here?”

When they heard the voice, three of the four quickly turned back . Only when they saw that Feng Jiu was standing behind them and her hand was clasping the throat of one of the Celestial Strong Exponents . Seeing them turn around, the hand clasping the Celestial Strong Exponent’s throat turned .

With a click, the Celestial Strong Exponent was unable to make a sound . He opened his eyes in horror and fell down straight . A sharp dagger stabbed from behind, cutting short his last life force .

To his death, the Celestial Strong Exponent didn’t make a sound and didn’t even have any chance to resist .

All three watched in horror . A great wave arose in their hearts . It shook their spirits like a sudden clap of thunder that levelled the land . But before they knew it, they felt a killing intent hit them on their faces . The icy-cold, bone-chilling breath of death shrouded them and the pain spread through their bodies . When it happened, their instinctive response returned .

However, at this time, blood was already oozing from their necks . When they touched the blood, the three had no doubt that if they had stepped back a few minutes later, their throats would have been cut .

“Aren’t you looking for me? I’m right here . ”

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Feng Jiu turned the dagger in her hand and stared at them with eyes half-narrowed . “You’d better escape before I kill you . Otherwise, if you fall into my hands, I have plenty of ways to make your life worse than death!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she took advantage of those who were still distracted . The figure in red leaned over again and swept towards them . At the same time, the three who had returned to their senses gritted their teeth and shouted, “Kill her!”

The mighty pressure of the Celestial Strong Exponents pervaded in an instant . The stream of air released by the three people formed a vortex that surrounded Feng Jiu . The air current made the sand and stones swirled from the ground to isolate her from other people .

The three Celestial Strong Exponents entered the vortex together to kill Feng Jiu . The violent killing intent spread everywhere from the vortex . The people outside could not see what was going on inside . Only the clanging sound of swords colliding was heard from time to time .

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After a few blood-curdling screams, two Celestial Strong Exponents were thrown out from the vortex . They fell heavily to the ground . At this time, the airflow that made up the vortex also dispersed . The last Celestial Strong Exponent retreated from mid-air while covering his wounds .

Feng Jiu also had slash wounds on her body . But, the blood dyed her red dress and nobody could see anything .

At this time, Guan Xilin had solved most of the Nascent Soul cultivators and strode to Feng Jiu’s side . When he saw that she had suffered several injuries, his eyes turned cold . His killing intent burst out, he slashed his large sword towards the two Celestial Strong Exponents who had not yet stood up .

The sword carrying bloodthirsty killing intent swung down . The blade cut the two men ruthlessly into two pieces . Two mournful screams filled with reluctance were heard, Following that, the crowd’s gasps transmitted through the air .

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Blood dyed the ground red .  The bloodthirsty massacre made the people tremble with fear . They stepped back a few steps, not daring to go forward .

Looking at this scene, the only surviving Celestial Strong Exponent gritted his teeth and yelled, “Leave!” Even if unwilling, they couldn’t stay at this time . Otherwise, they would end up totally annihilated!

Damn it! If they had known that Feng Jiu was so difficult to deal with, they would never have taken this assassination mission!

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