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Chapter 1575: 1575
Chapter 1575: Are you looking for me?

Hearing this, City Lord Duan and Meng Family Head looked at each other and their minds stagnated . These people were dressed uniformly in black . They couldn’t tell from which forces these assassins came from . In terms of strength, these assassins possessed the strengths of dozens of people . This fact made them afraid .

But at this time, if they withdrew and left, it would seem unrighteous, especially for the City Lord Duan . Feng Jiu just finished treating his father . If he abandoned Feng Jiu, disregarding him getting murdered, it’s very likely that it would invite slander .

After weighing it in his heart, City Lord Duan called out, “You’d better leave quickly . Otherwise, don’t blame us for not being easy on you!”

“Hahahaha! Good! I’ll see what you can do to protect him! One of the leaders raised his head and laughed out loud . As soon as he raised his hand and made a gesture, dozens of black robed men around him rushed up and attacked the carriage .


“Kill, kill, kill!”

From the mouths of those people in black came out fierce shouts containing heinous killing intent . The unrestrained killing intent and bloody aura of those people in black became even more terrifying . The crowd around them seemed to be in a shock and dared not breathe .

Confronting such a battle array, Guan Xilin was calm as before . He brandished his sword to meet the enemy . His eyes glanced over the Nascent Soul cultivators and landed on the leaders . His eyes moved . He knew very well that if he wanted the enemy to retreat, he would have to kill the leaders first .

So, when he saw those people rush up, the point of his sword was aimed at one Celestial Strong Exponent among them . As for his sister, he believed that they could not hurt her .

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“Whew! Whoosh!”

As the figure moved, the spirit of the sword potent echoed sharply . Guan Xilin dashed towards those people in black alone and slashed them with the sword . Every time the blade slashed away, it brought a strong and fierce air current .

“Clang! Crash!”

The clanging sound of swords colliding echoed . After the long swords in the hands of those men in black made clanging sounds, those swords snapped off . Without their weapons, it was even more difficult for them to resist Guan Xilin whose combat strength was as powerful as a tiger .

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The ground was littered with dead bodies, the thick stench of blood dispersed and filled the air, and the conspicuous stumps of amputated hands made people shudder with fear . They were shocked once again by Guan Xilin’s combat power .

Seeing this, the morale of City Lord Duan and Meng Family Head rose by leaps and bounds . Coupled with the addition of some members of their family, the scene quickly turned around . At this time, Feng Jiu, in the carriage, saw that two of the four Celestial Strong Exponents were ready to target Guan Xilin from behind . She turned her palm and two silver needles carrying spirit energy breath came out from her hand to attack .

“Whoosh, whoosh!

The two Celestial Strong Exponents, who were preparing to sneak attack, heard the slight movement behind them . When they looked back, they raised their sleeves and stopped the two silver needles . At the same time, their gazes swept past the crowd and stared straight at the young man in red in the carriage .

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This time, the two men had a tacit understanding at the same time, no longer paying attention to others, but attacking the young man in red directly . With a slap of their palms, the wind came out to attack and split the carriage in two .

“Bang! Boom!”

When the carriage scattered everywhere, City Lord Duan and Meng Family Head who heard the explosion were very worried . When they looked back, they saw two Celestial Strong Exponents standing in front of the carriage debris . Feng Jiu, who had been sitting in the carriage, was missing .

But at this moment, the familiar languid voice that carried a chilly tone came to their ears, so that the two of them were shocked and looked towards the sound…

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