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Chapter 1572: 1572
Chapter 1572: A tyrannical combat power

Hearing the sound of fighting outside, Feng Jiu picked up the curtain and pinned it aside . She leaned on the carriage and watched her brother fight with the two men . He was now at the peak of the Martial Sacred stage . Coupled with his experience of actual combat outside, his combat strength should be stronger than her grandfather .

She hadn’t seen him raise a hand to strike for a long time . Now she wanted to see if he could fight two Nascent Souls with the strength of one person?

Looking out, he saw two Nascent Soul cultivators, one entangled him and the other came to grab her . It seemed that they wanted to pull her out of the carriage . With lips curved up, she glanced at the two men wearing the emblems of Saint ranked alchemists in pill refining and in pharmacy .

Guan Xilin brandished the big sword in his hand and slashed it at a Nascent Soul cultivator nearby him . The vital energy of the sword potent made a whizzing sound as it slashed out . The Nascent Soul cultivator could not dodge it as the sword forged ahead toward his front . His clothes were torn and blood seeped from his waist .

“Damn it! How dare you hurt me!”

A magnificent Nascent Soul peak level cultivator got hurt by the opponent . And, it was two against one, too! He was angered from this humiliation and released his killing intent . He immediately drew out a long sword . The sword’s sharp end shook with fierce killing intent and stabbed towards Guan Xilin .

However, Guan Xilin quickly retreated and swept with his sword . He obstructed the other man’s hand from reaching towards the carriage . The man only felt the sharp blade chopped at him from the top to the bottom . That split second of bursting killing intent and bloody breath shocked him . If it was not for his instinct to quickly take back his hand, it’s very likely that his hand would have fallen to the ground!

“Subdue him first!” The two Nascent Soul cultivators spoke while glancing at each other, then launched an attack towards Guan Xilin .

On the other side, City Lord Duan and Meng Family Head were staring blankly at Guan Xilin with incredulity in their eyes . Guan Xilin was only the Martial Sacred peak level cultivator . Although in terms of rank his strength was not low, he’s a mystical energy cultivator . Could he be the opponent of spirit energy cultivators?

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However, he was able to deal with the two Nascent Soul cultivators calmly with the strength of one person . He forced those two to join hands . They were really shocked by his combat power .

“Ice blade!”

A Nascent Soul cultivator let out a fierce cry and the sword in his hand shook . At the same time, the sword intent flew out and condensed into icicles in mid-air, attacking the target at a lightning speed .

“Beast Flame!”

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Another Nascent Soul cultivator also let out the same fierce cry . After he drew out his sword, his other hand made a sudden attack . Only the sound of ‘whoooosh’ was heard . An airflow of spirit energy burst out of his palm and formed a beast flame . In the air, a flaming ferocious beast with its mouth wide open was formed . It rushed towards Guan Xilin fiercely as if it wanted to swallow him .

Spirit energy cultivators could use their inner attributes to attack, while mystical energy cultivators could only use their mystical energy and martial power . Their bodies had no attributes, only strength and speed .

However, there were very few mystical cultivators that could really combine strength and speed . Therefore, the mystical energy cultivator’s combat power was generally weaker than that of spirit energy cultivators . However, the present scene had refreshed their understanding of mystical energy cultivators .

That tall and sturdy man in black clothes blocked the ice blade attacks with the large sword in his hand and then chopped at them ruthlessly, then split the flaming ferocious beast open . The most amazing thing was that when the sword slashed down, all the surrounding people gasped, and the blade stopped in front of the man when it was about to split the Nascent Soul cultivator in two…

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