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Chapter 1571: 1571
Chapter 1571: Wielding a sword

“You aren’t allowed to leave!”

With a shout, the two Saint ranked alchemists blocked them . A multitude of alchemists in pill refining and in pharmacy, who thought things were not big enough, surrounded the carriage and blocked its path as if they did not want to let its people go .

City Lord Duan saw things developed beyond his expectations and his face sank and his eyebrows furrowed . He swept a penetrating glance at the crowd and asked in a heavy voice, “What are you doing? Why don’t you go away quickly!”

Of course, he only dared to shout at those alchemists in pill refining and in pharmacy, but not to the two Saint ranked alchemists . After all, the Saint ranked alchemist’s status was not inferior to the City Lord .

“City Lord, this man is very likely to be an impostor . If this is the case, then we must not sit idly by!” The two Saint ranked alchemists looked at the City Lord and with a deep voice said, “Please forgive us, City Lord . ”

At this time, however, Guan Xilin drove his carriage forward to a gallop and snorted coldly at the sight of those people who stood in the way . The whip in his hand was swung to the sky, making a whizzing sound . He pulled the whip back and swung it to the right and to the left .

“Bang! Bang!’

The sharp whips made two snapping sounds . Those alchemists in pill refining didn’t dare to keep blocking them after seeing this scene . Even if they were unwilling, they didn’t want to be whipped for no reason at all .

However, as the carriage drove on, the faces of the two Saint ranked alchemists sank . No one had ever dared to humiliate them like this . Immediately, the two barked out an order . “Stop them!”

As soon as the voice came, two Nascent Soul strong exponents came from nowhere and blocked the carriage path . Seeing the two Nascent Soul strong exponents appeared, the alchemists around them quickly retreated with joy in their hearts .

This time, let’s see how they can run away!

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Can a boy hold two Saint ranked alchemist badges? They had every reason to believe that the badges must be fake!

“Grab the boy in the carriage!” One of the Saint ranked alchemists shouted in a deep voice, his sharp eyes fixed on the carriage . What an arrogant boy! In front of two Saint ranked alchemists, they dared to flee and hide inside the carriage!

His words were an injustice to Feng Jiu . The two of them left the Meng mansion and the carriage was parked directly in front of the mansion . She got into the carriage directly with Guan Xilin being the coachman . As soon as they got into the carriage and went a little way, they were surrounded by the crowd .

As for the matter at hand, it’s really not they who caused this . Moreover, they had made concessions again and again . However, these people were still not letting them go, treating them as pushovers, soft persimmons that could be pinched at will .

Guan Xilin, who was holding the horse harness, was also annoyed by these people . He told his sister in the carriage calmly, “Hand these people over to me . You can rest!”

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As soon as the voice fell, when he saw two Nascent Soul cultivators raised their vital energy to attack the carriage, his eyes turned cold . He extended his hand to the front and a cold metallic light flashed . His sword instantly appeared in his hand .

“I will let you taste my blade!”

His deep voice containing the strong exponent’s profound energy dispersed and the martial sacred cultivator’s powerful pressure was released . The whole surroundings were enveloped in a strong air current, making those alchemists’ expressions changed . They stepped back in horror .

They were good at refining pills and potions, but they were not good at fighting . They had always strayed far away from this kind of battle . If one got hurt accidentally, there was really no place to cry .

“Whoosh! Whew!”

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When the big sword was drawn out, a profound energy blade intent took a shape as a fierce air current and slashed at the two men…

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