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Chapter 1573: 1573
Chapter 1573: Save quickly

The tip of the sword emitting a strong smell of blood was pointed to his forehead with a distance less than one finger . The very close distance made the Nascent Soul cultivator oozed cold sweats as large as beans on his forehead . He couldn’t help gulp and his heart palpitated .

The other Nascent Soul cultivator saw this scene and couldn’t help but stop his attack and look at the big man in black clothes with a complicated gaze . It was undeniable that after this fight, they really admired his combat power .

When exchanging blows with an expert, they would know the strength once they started . This mystical energy cultivator’s combat power was sure to be above them!

However, when they stopped, not far away from the crowd, several men in black standing in the corner saw this scene . Their leader’s eyes moved and commanded the others behind . Then, they raised their vital energy and jumped up to attack Feng Jiu in the carriage .

“Obey the saint ranked alchemist’s command, grab that person inside the carriage!”

Suddenly, a sharp cry rang out, frightening the crowd and making their hearts sink . When they looked towards the location of the sound, several men in black swept out . They stepped on the shoulders of those alchemists in refining pills and went towards the carriage to seize Feng Jiu .

When they saw this scene and heard that cry, the two Saint ranked alchemists were surprised and looked at each other, but did not say anything . They all thought that those people were the other’s subordinates, but they didn’t think that this was someone else taking advantage of the situation to make trouble in their name .

On the contrary, after seeing those people come out, they even snorted severely and shouted in a deep voice . “Good! Get him out! This boy is too arrogant . We must teach him a lesson today!”

If the two of them, the magnificent Saint ranked alchemists, lost face in this young man’s hands, how could they meet people from now on? What’s more, the young man’s two Saint ranked alchemists badges must be fake! How could they, as Saint ranked alchemists, let such a person get away with it?

Guan Xilin wrung his eyebrows . He had already shown mercy . Did these people want to keep attacking?

“The two of you, please tell them to stop . You can’t…” Before he finished his words, he was shocked by the scene in front of him .

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He saw that several people in black acted as if they were grabbing someone from the carriage, but at the next moment, they held a long sword and stabbed Feng Jiu in the carriage with bloodthirsty ferocity .

Seeing this scene, he was so surprised that his heart jumped up and immediately shouted, “Stop!” He already swept out, trying to stop the man’s assassination attempt .

At this time, other people also saw that there was something wrong . After a brief shock, Meng Family Head quickly stepped forward to help and stopped one of the men in black . He shouted glumly . “Who are you? How dare you to commit a murder in front of my mansion!”


The sound of swords colliding filled the air with a trace of fierce killing intent . Those alchemists in pill refining and alchemists in pharmacy turned pale when they saw the men in black make their movements to kill and scattered to all directions .

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The two Saint ranked alchemists were even more startled . They stared at each other and inquired simultaneously . “Yours, your people?”

“That’s impossible!” The two men spoke in unison, shook their heads vigorously, and even took a step back . “I thought it was your people!”

When they heard each other’s answers, their faces turned pale . They knew inwardly that things were bad . Even though they wanted to teach the boy a lesson, they didn’t want the boy’s life . If the boy died here, they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to disentangle themselves from this matter .

When they thought of this point, they immediately shouted at the two Nascent Soul cultivators . “Save that boy quickly! Whatever happens, don’t let him die!”

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