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Chapter 1483: 1483

“That won’t do . ”

Shangguan Wanrong shook her head . “He’s a Celestial Strong Exponent . You are not his opponent . Besides, you can’t use medicine on him . He himself is an alchemist and more familiar with medicine than you and I . Listen to Mother, find the time to leave this place after I depart . I will go back to find you, as long as I’m still alive . ”

Feng Jiu looked at her and wanted to say something, but thought that she would definitely stop her . So, without saying anything, Feng Jiu only smiled and answered, “Alright, I know . ”

Shangguan Wanrong knew from her brisk reply that Feng Jiu didn’t take her words to heart nor did she take her reminder seriously . Therefore, she patted her daughter’s hand and urged her again . “Keep in mind what Mother said . It’s better safe than sorry . Don’t be careless in everything . ”

“Yes, yes, I know . I’ll remember . ”

She answered her with a smile, then talked with her for a while and explained some things . This night, the mother and daughter were sleeping in the same bed, as if they had endless things to talk about . Feng Jiu didn’t have a deep sleep until the day turned gradually brighter…

Early in the morning .

After finishing packing, Shangguan Wanrong came to the bedside and sat down . Looking at her sleeping daughter, her face revealed a gentle and loving smile . She reached out and stroked her daughter’s face and said in a gentle voice, “You must remember Mother’s words and go home obediently . ”

When Feng Jiu opened her eyes, she saw her mother . A languid smile appeared on her face . “Mother, didn’t you say that you would leave at noon last night? Why did you get up so early…”

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After saying this, she saw her mother suddenly touch her acupoint, making her whole body unable to move .

She was wide-eyed and looked at her mother in amazement . “Mother, what do you intend to do? Unlock my acupoints quickly . ”

“Sleep here obediently . Mother is leaving first . Don’t follow me . If not, it will be too dangerous for you . ” Shangguan Wanrong whispered and pulled the quilt to cover her body .

When Feng Jiu heard this, she spoke hurriedly, “Mother, unlock my acupoints . I promise not to follow you . ”

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Shangguan Wanrong could not help but chuckle . She pinched Feng Jiu’s nose . “Don’t think Mother doesn’t know what kind of idea you have in mind . I don’t believe your promise . Be obedient and listen to me . ”

With a composed look, she said, “Mother is more concerned with your safety than her own . Mother is at ease only when you’re safe and sound . ”

She knew that this kid would surely follow her, but she could not take her along this time . Otherwise, she would be harmed . As long as she left first, even if Master Third Sun wanted to attack her, her daughter would not get involved .

“Mother, Father is still waiting for you to go back! I have promised Father to take you home and reunite with the whole family . You know that this trip is dangerous, so you should not leave alone . Let me stay by your side . At least I can still be of help in times of danger…”

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Shangguan Wanrong chuckled . “What kind of help can you do, kid? It’s okay as long as you don’t cause trouble . Alright . I don’t want to say anything more . I leave you some things inside this bag, so keep it . If, I mean if, I really have an unexpected accident, let your father marry another person! Don’t always be so stubborn and you must take good care of yourself . ”

Feng Jiu’s nose tingled when she heard her mother’s words . She watched her mother put the cosmos sack into her arms and bent down to hold her tightly…

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