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Chapter 1484: 1484

“Mother is leaving . Take good care of yourself . Nothing is more important than being alive . ”Shangguan Wanrong let go and took a look at her deeply . At this time, the voice of Duan Mubai and others came from outside .

“Junior Sister?”

She turned around and walked out, closed the cave’s boundary and came outside to meet them . “I’ve seen Senior Brothers . ”

“Junior Sister, we know you are leaving today, so we are here to see you off . ” The alchemist ranked third in seniority said with a smile . “Are you all set?”

“Yes, I’m just getting ready to go . ” She nodded .

‘Let us send you off! “Duan Mubai spoke while making an inviting gesture .

Shangguan Wanrong smiled and walked with them to the sect’s gate . They chatted occasionally while on the way . When she learned from them that Master Third Sun had entered into seclusion to refine pills, she only smiled .

When they sent her out the sect’s gate, they stopped . “Junior Sister, you’re outside alone . Please be careful in everything . ”

“I know . ” Shangguan Wanrong bowed to them . “Thank you for your trouble, Senior Brothers . Farewell . It’s getting late, I’m leaving first . ”

“Be careful on the way . ”

“Be careful on your way, Junior Sister . ”

“Take care of yourself . ”

They spoke as they watched her leave . When the sect’s gate closed, they glanced at each other again and then left one after another .

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Duan Mubai did not return directly to the eighth peak but went to the odd-jobbers’ area . As he recalled Shangguan Wanrong’s task, he thought of transferring the odd-jobber disciple to his side so that he could take care of him with ease .

At the same time, in Shangguan Wanrong’s cave-dwelling, Feng Jiu was lying on the bed, unable to move, but secretly moved the spirit energy breath in her body to break the acupoints free .

It’s too dangerous to let her mother go alone . That Master Third Sun wouldn’t miss such an opportunity . She was even more sure that he must have been waiting for her mother outside the sect’s gate .

The spirit energy breath on her body started to move around . She felt a little uneasy at this time due to her mother’s departure . She had no idea what would happen next . But, fortunately, she had plans .

As she thought of this, her previously anxious heart slightly relaxed and concentrated on opening the acupoints .

Meanwhile, outside the sect gate, Shangguan Wanrong walked slowly down the mountain . There was no one behind her, but she felt as if a pair of eyes were staring at her . It was as if someone was getting ready to attack her at any time .

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The sensation made her body stiffen and absolutely terrified .

Walking down the mountain road, the rustling sounds in the woods sounded like the wind blew or like someone stepped on the leaves . She was alert, but it was tranquil without any accident throughout all her journey down .

Was it just a delusion? Was she too paranoid?

She thought inwardly . As long as she left this place, she could get out of the territory where it’s forbidden to fly . Then, she would leave quickly on the flying sword . As long as she departed from this place, Master Third Sun would find it difficult to find her .

She pondered while speeding up her pace to go down the mountain . She went faster and faster to the point of almost skimming across the place . However, when she was about to leave the boundary where flying was forbidden, a very familiar voice suddenly came from behind her .

“Wanrong . ”

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Her whole body stiffened, being caught off guard with this surprise . She quickly turned around and saw Master Third Sun in a grey robe, standing not far away while looking at her . Seeing this, trying to be calm and asking slowly, “Master? Why are you here?”

While speaking, she didn’t advance but retreated, using measured steps to step back while looking at him with precaution .

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