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Chapter 1482: Chapter 1482 - I will catch up
Chapter 1482 I will catch up

“Junior Sister . ” Duan Mubai called out in front of Shangguan Wanrong’s cave-dwelling . “I have something to tell you . ”

The cave’s boundary opened up . Duan Mubai stepped in . When he entered the cave, he saw the woman was packing her valuables .

“Senior Brother, is there anything else?” Shangguan Wanrong stopped her movements and looked back at him .

Duan Mubai hesitated and seemed to be thinking about what to say . Only after a long time did he answer, “Junior Sister, don’t come back here after going out this time . ”

Shangguan Wanrong smiled gently . “Senior Brother, don’t worry, I know what to do . ” She paused, then looked at him and whispered, “I’d like to request something from Senior Brother . ”

Duan Mubai was surprised because she had never had any request or demand . What exactly was going on to make her say this?

“Tell me . As long as it is something that I can do, I will not shirk it . ”

Shangguan Wanrong nodded . “I’d like to ask Senior Brother to take care of Feng Jiu . If you can’t, let him go home!”

The only thing that caused her incessant worry was her daughter . If she had an accident, Feng Jiu might act recklessly . Master Third Sun was a Celestial Strong Exponent . No matter how strong, it might be impossible for her to fight with him .

Duan Mubai was astonished . “Junior Sister, what is the relationship between you and Feng Jiu? Since we came back from the mystic realm, I’ve had a feeling you both have been a bit…”

“Senior Brother, please don’t ask me about this . If there is a chance in the future, I will tell you, but not now . ”

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Duan Mubai nodded . “I know, rest assured! I’ll take care of him well . If he’s no longer willing to stay at the sect, I’ll let him go home . ‘

“Thank you so much, Senior Brother . ” She bowed to thank him .

Duan Mubai looked at her deeply without saying anything . “Then, I’m leaving first . You must be careful on the road . ”

“I will . ” She nodded and sent him off . She looked around as he left . Since she didn’t see her daughter, she turned around and entered the cave .

Feng Jiu never found the time due to Luo Heng . When she descended from the eighth peak, she was dragged to see Chen Dao . It was already dark when she finally found the time . She sneaked into the eighth peak quietly and arrived at her mother’s cave .

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“Mother, I’m here . ” After entering the cave, she called and her mother came out from the cave’s interior .

“I’ve been waiting for you for most of the day . Why are you so late?”

While telling her this, Shangguan Wanrong pulled her hand, took her to the table and sat down . “Master Third Sun asked me to leave the sect and gain experience outside tomorrow . Listen to your mother . After I leave, find the chance to leave and go home . ”

She could have taken her daughter out with her, but she was afraid that if she failed to escape, she would implicate her daughter . So her daughter had to stay behind and look for the chance to leave .

“I have asked my Senior Brother to take care of you . If you encounter any problems, you can go to him . He’s pretty good and will definitely help you . ” She whispered .

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Feng Jiu smiled with both eyes narrowed to crescents . “Mother, I’m here for you . How can I stay put when you’re in danger? Don’t worry . I’ll catch up with you tomorrow as soon as you leave . ”

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