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Chapter 1481: 1481
Chapter 1481 Leaving the sect to gain experience outside

Shangguan Wanrong looked at him, pondered for a while and answered in a soft voice, “I will obey Master’s arrangement . ”

Master Third Sun nodded with satisfaction at her answer . “Good . Return and pack at once . You can set off tomorrow!”

When Duan Mubai heard “set off tomorrow”, his eyes shrank . He opened his mouth to say something, but Shangguan Wanrong had already answered Master Third Sun . After a salute, she retreated first .

“Hehe, we’re also taking our leave . We must return and report to our Masters!” The disciples of other peaks also cupped their fists in salute and left one after another .

Finally, only Duan Mubai and several others remained .

“Master, what do you need us to do?” Duan Mubai asked . His gaze fell on Master Third Sun in front of him . His heart was slightly heavy, because he was aware that when his junior sister left this time, perhaps…

Master Third Sun’s gaze swept over several of his disciples and stayed on Duan Mubai . “I’ll be in seclusion to refine pills for a period of time . No one is allowed to enter the ninth peak . I’m leaving the affairs in Third Sun Peak to your care . Don’t let the disciples run amok . ”

“In addition, Mubai will deal with any important matters . Remember, my seclusion this time is crucial . No matter what happens, you can’t go to the ninth peak to disturb me . ”

When those several disciples heard this, they could only glanced at each other, then answered him respectfully, “Yes, disciples obey Master’s instructions . ”

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Feng Jiu was waiting at the eighth peak . When she saw her mother coming down from the ninth peak, she wanted to greet her . However, when she saw many disciples of other peaks coming down while talking, she stopped .

After all, it looked strange for an errand boy like her to approach Shangguan Wanrong . So she didn’t come close, but cupped her hands and congratulated her mother with a smile, “Congratulations to Martial Uncle Shangguan for entering the Nascent Soul’s realm . ”

Shangguan Wanrong smiled . “Mm . ” She walked past Feng Jiu and went to the cave first .

Feng Jiu stood aside while watching he disciples of other peaks were talking and passing her to leave . When he was about to walk to the cave, he saw Duan Mubai and several others coming down .

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“Why are you still here?” Duan Mubai stared at Feng Jiu with knitted eyebrows and a look of displeasure in his face .

Feng Jiu winked at him . “Martial Uncle Duan, I’m an errand boy! All I do is run up and down this place . It’s not strange for me to be here, is it? ” Why was Duan Mubai so fond of staring at her? She was not in his way .

“Since you know that you are an errand boy, go back to the lower peak . ” He ordered in a calm voice . “The eighth peak didn’t tell you to come . Don’t walk around here often . ”

Feng Jiu could only answer with “Yes . ” She turned around and went down the peak . On her way down, she soon heard the peak’s disciples talking about Master Third Sun’s arrangement for her mother to leave the sect and gain experience .

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She couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows . Leaving the sect to gain experience? This was odd . Didn’t he not allow her out before? Why did he let her out now? So, was he looking for the chance to act?

As she pondered, she wanted to go to the eighth peak to discuss with her mother . However, Duan Mubai was still staring at her . She could only go down and look for another opportunity .

Duan Mubai watched that figure in azure descend the peak . After giving instructions to several of his junior brothers, he went towards Shangguan Wanrong’s cave…

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