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Chapter 1480: 1480
Chapter 1480 What do you think?

“Of course, let’s do it . ” Several of them laughed out loud . This matter was thus settled .

“This must be Junior Sister Shangguan . Meeting the person is better than just hearing a good reputation . ” An alchemist spoke out while staring at the gorgeous, sweet-tempered Shangguan Wanrong who was dressed in white . His eyes brightened at the sight of her .

The sight of beauty is a delight to anyone, let alone seeing a beautiful person . Shangguan Wanrong’s remarkable appearance was absolutely one of the best not only in the Third Sun Peak but also in all the Pill Sun Sect . Otherwise, those few disciples of Master Third Sun wouldn’t be completely devoted to her .

“Wanrong has met all the senior brothers . ” With a faint smile, she gave them a slight bow .

“Haha, you don’t have to be too polite . We were ordered by our masters to send gifts to Junior Sister Shangguan . Then, as we thought that Junior Sister should have already come out, we waited to meet you here . ”

The alchemist spoke with a smile . “Junior Sister Shangguan has certainly not let us down! Not only are her appearance and temperament remarkable, but her talent is also exceptional . Senior Uncle Third Sun really has a good disciple . ”

“Senior Brother, you flattered me . ” She bowed her head slightly and smiled . Then, she looked at Master Third Sun . “Master, I heard from the First Senior Brother that you have an instruction for me? What is it about?”

“Oh? Since Senior Uncle Third Sun has an instruction to convey, we’ll take our leave first . ” The alchemist surnamed Li cupped his fists to salute Master Third Sun and nodded to Duan Mubai and Shangguan Wanrong . When he was about to leave, he heard Master Third Sun’s laughter .

“Hahaha, this is not a serious matter . You don’t need to leave . ”

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Master Third Sun smiled and looked at Shangguan Wanrong . “Wanrong, here’s the thing . You have now entered Nascent Soul and became a Nascent Soul cultivator . Your alchemy skill is also excellent . Therefore, I plan to let you go on a trip to gain experience outside . This trip will take you a long time . While travelling, help me to look for a spirit herb called Five-coloured Agave . ”

When she heard this instruction, Shangguan Wanrong was startled . She was somewhat confused . A deep thought and suspicion flashed in her mind, but those emotions didn’t surface on her face . “Master, do you wish for Disciple to gain experience outside while looking for Five-coloured Agave at the same time?”

Since he brought her to this place, he refused to let her go out . Now, how was it possible to let her go out and look for the spirit herb Five-coloured Agave? What on earth was he up to?

Even Duan Mubai was stunned . Apparently, he didn’t expect their Master to ask them to come for this reason . Therefore, after some thoughts, Duan Mubai said, “Master, if you ask Junior Sister to gain experience outside, Disciple is willing to travel together with her . After all, Junior Sister’s experience is still shallow . Disciple can look after her . ”

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Several of the disciples nearby listened . Even though their expression changed when looking at the two, they kept silent .

The disciples of other peaks smiled . “So, that’s the thing . Master Third Sun just told us that he had a mind to send Junior Sister Shangguan out of the sect and gain experience for a long period of time . We all thought it was a good idea . ”

“The Peak Master is very kind to his disciples . He has good plans for his disciples . ” Another alchemist said with envy . Their masters wouldn’t set up this kind of plan for them . If they wished to leave the sect, they had to apply and arrange all their activities themselves .

But, Master Third Sun coughed lightly and cast a glance at Duan Mubai . “I have other arrangements for the several of you . Your Junior Sister is going for an experience outside, you also can’t stay idle . ”

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As he said that, he looked at Shangguan Wanrong . “What do you think of Master’s plan to let you leave the sect and gain experience outside?

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