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Published at 5th of November 2020 05:23:28 AM

Chapter 1473: Chapter 1473 - Responsive

When his eyes opened, Chen Dao stared blankly at the young boy in front of him who was smiling . The scene that had happened just before he was put into a coma flashed before his eyes . He opened his mouth to speak, his voice was a little hoarse: “You… . ”

“I’m Feng Jiu! Senior Brother Chen, you’ve been asleep for quite a while but don’t tell me you have forgotten me?” Feng Jiu said and squinted at him as she smiled and said jokingly .

“Senior Brother Chen, you’re really awake? Hurry up and feel your backt, hurry up!” Luo Heng who was standing by the side leaned forward and looked at him expectedly .


Yes, yes, his lumbar spine was broken, the bones in his spine were displaced and he was unable to recover from his injuries, hence, he was paralysed… .

In an instant, the expression on his face was unreadable, pale but also dark . He was paralysed, paralysed, what else could he do? His life was ruined .

When he saw him lying on the bed motionless, his eyes dull and he was looking up in a daze, Luo Heng couldn’t help but scratch his head and looked at Feng Jiu . He called out once again: “Senior Brother Chen, try moving your legs! Let us see if there’s any effect . ”

Upon hearing this, Chen Dao turned his face expressionlessly and glanced at Luo Heng: “I broke my lumbar spine, every part of my body below my waist is useless, there’s no strength in them, don’t you know that? I’m paralysed, I can’t move my legs . ”

Luo Heng grinned: “Just try it! How will you know if you don’t even try it? Or I could pinch your lower part of your body and you can tell me if you feel it?” After speaking, he smiled and pinched Chen Dao’s thigh .

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“Sss! Ah!”

When the pain struck him, Chen Dao instinctively exhaled with a look of pain on his face, and when he shouted out, he was stunned, because the pain he felt was below his waist . It was such a little movement, and yet the expression on his face was incredulous .

“How, how, how could… . ”

Feng Jiu glared at Luo Heng angrily: “You really pinched him? You can’t pinch him so hard! Have you forgotten that he hasn’t fully recovered yet? You’re so reckless . ”

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“Hey, I just thought if I didn’t pinch him hard enough he might not have felt it . That’s why I pinched him harder . And look, he felt it didn’t he?”

Of course he didn’t dare to say that now that he had an opportunity to pinch Chen Dao, of course he wasn’t going to let that go . This half a month, he had been so busy looking after Chen Dao that he hadn’t even had much sleep himself .

Chen Dao was completely stunned and asked in disbelief: “My back, I can apply force with my waist? But how can it be? How?”

“Senior Brother Chen, this is all thanks to Feng Jiu . He used his family’s secret recipe ointment to heal your lumbar spine . This kid has some medical skills as well . Fortunately, he was able to perform an operation on your back to remove all the broken bones and then he sewed your flesh up like clothes . I watched him perform it and I have been changing your dressing . There is only a dark red scar there now, not to mention it was open at one point . ”

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When she heard Luo Heng’s babbling and disorganised explanation, Feng Jiu rolled her eyes and pushed him aside: “That’s enough, let me tell him . ”

After she pushed Luo Heng away, she said to Chen Dao: “To put it simply, I performed an operation on you . ”

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