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Chapter 1474: 1474

After pausing momentarily, she smiled and continued: “The displacement and fracture of your lumbar spine has been corrected, and you’ve been in a coma for the last half a month . After the operation, the position of your bones are fixed and they won’t move easily, but it will take some time for you to fully recover . I predict that it will take you about three months to fully recover . You should be able to get out of bed and walk after three months and be just like before . ”

When he heard Feng Jiu’s word’s, Chen Dao could hear his heart beating like thunder . His words were like a ray of sunlight that suddenly appeared in the gloomy sky, swaying away the haze that had enveloped him . He was about to drown but he had hugged on to a piece of driftwood and a ray of hope appeared to him .

The previously dead heart had rekindled hope at this moment, the original despair at this point had turned into hope at this moment . People who had not gone through what he had experienced would not understand the excitement and joy he felt in his heart at this moment, they would not understand the feeling of being rescued when he was at the lowest, darkest, most desperate point in his life .

It was said that men’s tears do not fall easily, but at this moment, his eyes were red and tears overflowed from his eyes . Those were tears of joy and excitement .

“I, I can really stand up again? I will recover and return to the way I was before? I really won’t become a disable person?”

The three consecutive questions showed the eagerness and excitement in his heart .

Feng Jiu smiled slightly, her tone was sure when she replied: “Of course, if I said that you will recover then you will definitely recover . However, you do of course have to cooperate with the treatment now that you are awake . The ointment has to be applied everyday and your lumbar spine cannot be twisted . During this time, it’s best if you stay laid down . ”

“Yes, yes, I will lie down . I won’t move . ” He responded in a choked voice, his hands twisted into fists to contain the excitement in his heart .

“You’ve only just regained consciousness, so don’t get too excited, take it easy!” Saying that, she beckoned for Luo Heng to go out with her and asked him: “How much ointment is left? If there isn’t enough I will have to mix some up again . ”

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“Wait here, I will show you . ” Luo Heng went inside and brought Chen Dao’s ointment out to show Feng Jiu: “Look, there’s still so much . As for the liquid medicines, there are still a few bottles that haven’t been used . ”

“Once he’s finished those few bottles of liquid medicine it should be about right . As for the ointment, I will mix some up in a few days’ time and that will also be enough for him to use . ”

She said to him: “You must also be tired taking after him during this time . Now that Senior Brother Chen is awake, would you like to go back to rest?”

“No need . ” Luo Heng waved his hand: “He has a spare bedroom here and I’ve gotten used to living there during this time . I will go back to mine when he’s recovered! Otherwise, once the news of Senior Brother Chen’s recovery spreads, you will be in trouble too . ”

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Feng Jiu smiled and patted his shoulder: “Thank you for your hard work . ”

“We are all brothers, there’s no need for formalities . ” Luo Heng smiled and said: “Go, go in and have a chat with him . ”

The two men then walked inside and briefly told Chen Dao of recent events, including the fact that his Great Elder had sent someone to take him back .

After hearing what they had told him, Chen Dao who was lying on the bed said in a hoarse voice: “Three months, you said I will recover in three months . Then in three months I will give them a surprise and let them know that I, Chen Dao can stand up again!”

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